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Considering that organic produce can easily cost up to 50% more than conventional foods, is it worth it?

A recent study by Stanford University showed researchers that people who choose organic food reduce their intake of pesticide residues and their exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Organic Apples

Pesticides can result in :

  • Fatigue
  • Skin Irritations
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing Problems
  • Brain Disorders
  • Blood Disorders
  • Liver & Kidney Damage
  • Reproductive Damage
  • Cancer
  • Direct and Indirect Death (Remember Bhopal in India that killed about 15,000 people with another 100,000 suffering from mild to severe permanent damage)

Pesticides also kill bees and butterflies that pollinate many of our foods.

Foods that need bee pollination

This shop very cleverly demonstrated to its customers what happens when bee pollinated foods are removed from their shelves.

The message is very clear when demonstrated this way.

Foods Requiring Bee Pollination

Image credit : Unknown

So you think that this whole bee death thing is being exaggerated?

Here is a recent article (June 13) of 37 million bee deaths after pesticide treated corn was planted in one small agricultural area of North America.

If you search the internet, you will find hundreds of articles describing similar cases of massive bee deaths. There are still people that consistently deny that pesticides are the cause (or indirect cause) of bee deaths.

While we wait for science based facts, the bees are dying by the billions and very few Governments are being cautious about pesticides.

Inform yourself about pesticides

Amongst many others, pesticides are also attributed to :

  • Children and Foetuses that suffer from exposure and exhibit behavioural problems
  • Reduced cognitive scores
  • Reduced nerve cells
  • Reduced birth weight
  • Reduced resistance to the toxic effects of pesticides
  • A 70% increase for Parkinson's disease

Mothers and children : Take Note

230 field and 17 human studies conducted in the United States and Europe were done to compare pesticide residues, antibiotic resistance and vitamin and nutrient levels in organic and conventionally produced foods.

Expectant mothers and kids, in particular, should take note.

The risk of synthetic pesticide residues, especially organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides, are greatest during pregnancy and childhood, when the brain and nervous system are most vulnerable.

Antibiotic bacteria in conventional meat

The review also showed that conventionally raised meats, keep more antibiotic resistant bacteria. It found that consumers of non-organic chicken or pork are 33 percent more likely to ingest three or more strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria than those who eat organic meat.

Antibiotics are banned in organic food production as they promote the development of resistant super-bugs that are a serious risk to human health.

Nutritional difference between conventional and organic food

The research found almost no difference in the nutritional content between organic and conventional foods. In contrast, several other studies show that organic crops have higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins than conventional crops.

These other studies show that organic apples, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, milk, carrots, and grains show 10 to 30 percent higher levels of several nutrients, including vitamin C, antioxidants and phenolic acids.

There is always heated debate about the nutritional value of organic food when compared to those foods which are conventionally produced. More research is needed to clarify this.

However, a European Union-funded study, the largest of its kind to date, involving 31 research and university institutes and the publication of over 100 scientific papers, at a cost of € 18 million, concluded that :

‘the differences were so marked that organic produce could even help to increase the nutrient intake of people not able to access the recommended five portions a day of fruit and vegetables.’

Organic produce and the environment

The Stanford study failed to include the environmental and public health benefits that result from reduced pesticide and antibiotic use. Synthetic pesticides kill insect pollinators, harm wildlife and farmworkers, and often end up in the air and water.

A readily available synthetic pesticide called Roundup (Glyphosphate), which uses organophosphate as the active ingredient, is an “everywhere” contaminant in air, water and rainfall in many farming communities.

Organophosphate pesticides increase risks of ADHD and lower IQ in children. It also increases risks of low birth weight and early gestation among newborns.

References concerning organophosphate toxicity

  • In pesticide poisoning cases involving children in particular, the pesticide chemicals promote the classic symptom of abdominal pain (Dr. B. Grabau, 2005, pers. comm.)
  • Non-specific abdominal gastric pain (Dr. B. Grabau, 2005, Medical Report)
  • Aggressive behaviour and delinquency in teens (Hatherill, 1999; Tvedten, 1999, 2002:2)
  • Pesticide poisoning has been linked to cancer, foetal death, miscarriages, and premature births (NCAP, 1999:3; Bonn, 2005; Cox, 2004)
  • A study showed there was approximately a 2-fold greater risk of having a stillbirth if the mother lived within 1 mile from an agricultural area which used organophosphate - pyrethroid - carbamate - or chlorinated pesticides (Sinclair & Pressinger, no date, citing Bell, et al., 2001)
  • Glyphosate ... is a non-selective, systematic herbicide. This organophosphate compound is the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup (Royal Society of Chemistry 2009)

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Studies clearly show that consumers selecting organic produce ingest fewer pesticides. They also eat meats that keep fewer deadly bacteria.

Now you know. Make the choice.

Found these neat little infographics on EWG

Left Column :

Buy these items organically

Right Column :

Conventionally grown vegetable produce with the lowest detectable pesticide residues


Fruit and Vegetable Guide - 2012


Fruit and Vegetable Guide - 2013

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Examples of How Some Companies Lie or are Very Vague or Misrepresent Labelling on "Organic and Natural" Products

Time is too short to read the fine print on every box. Say what your product is in a few short words - nothing more and nothing less. If you cannot do it, then get some help. These are examples of some companies that could do with a little help when it comes to clear labelling.

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