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Amazing to think that from these 3 mineral ingredients, you can make almost any colour in the world.

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Primary Colours of Mineral Make-Up Ingredients

Blending Mineral Ingredients is easier than you realise!

Have you ever baked a cake or followed a food recipe?

Do you have a drivers licence or aiming to get one in the future?

Believe it or not, these two examples are far more difficult than blending mineral makeup ingredients.

Does the subject interest you but you are not sure where to begin because there just seems so much to learn about?

And deep down you are saying to yourself, “I can't do this!”

At one time or another we have all done something that we have not done before. Failure is not making a mess or a mistake ... failure is not trying at all.

Teenagers would happily bungee jump off a perfectly safe bridge, drive thousands of kilometres with practically no money, happily leave home for a world wide adventure with barely a suitcase and not have a care in the world.

The older generation (who were once teenagers) are a little more guarded when it comes to new things. Taking control of your own make-up safety, is certainly one of them.

Make-up With No Synthetic Ingredients

Large cosmetic companies (who are mostly self regulated) assure us that their make-up ingredients have passed quality tests and official requirements.

For these 2 reasons, the make-up manufacturers claim that their products are generally safe to use.

Well, that is not what we hear. Years ago when internet was limited and information was power, the public where unable to research, inform themselves and make their own educated opinions.

Today, that is a little different. The internet is showing us the lies and deceit of the cosmetic industry that has been hidden from us for all these years.

It is showing us Government regulations that are cranky, decrepit and simply out of date.

In whose right mind does 51 living mice and 49 dead mice (out of 100) become a potentially safe product for humans?

The truth is that make-up users are becoming more aware of the toxins in make-up and for this reason, there is a growing preference for make-up that is made without "synthetic" ingredients that are damaging to our bodies and our world.

The new market of handmade and certified organic products are becoming more popular. Many newer cosmetic make-up companies are manufacturing "All Natural" and organic products.

All natural products are supposed to contain mineral and plant ingredients only. However, take care to note the difference between “Make-up Containing Mineral and Plant Ingredients” and “Make-up Made of Mineral and Plant Ingredients”.

They are not the same. Make-up manufacturers intentionally blur the wording.

Make-up manufacturers employ the best of breed, highly paid professionals that :

  • determine the wording on the packaging
  • design the graphics
  • select the colours
  • create advertisements

of the products that you see sitting on the shelves. Makeup products are designed in every possible way for you to reach out and place that product in your shopping basket.

Organic products are made with organic agricultural products. Make-up products that claim organic ingredients must be certified "Organic" by a legislative authority.

Slow Legislative Progress

Typically, legislation is enforced only after the problem. Consider some wild animals – mankind first has to drive the species to the brink of extinction before a law is passed to protect them. The make-up industry is no exception.

Only after ingredients have been found to be dangerous to humans, are they banned. The problem with this procedure is that we first have to die or demonstrate some serious make-up injury before legislation is implemented.

Not sure about you … but I certainly have no interest to be somebody else's guinea pig.

As it is now in some countries, certain aspects of make-up ingredients, testing and manufacturing is in the process of improved regulation. For example, the EU has achieved the following milestones :

  • 11 September 2004 - testing ban on finished cosmetic products
  • 11 March 2009 - testing ban on cosmetic ingredients
  • 11 March 2013 - marketing ban for all human health effects

Even with existing make-up products and make-up ingredient legislation, there are still health concerns regarding the presence of harmful chemicals within these products.

In the United States, cosmetic products and their ingredients (other than some colours) are not subject to FDA approval before they are sold to the public.

Even today, make-up and cosmetic products that contain carcinogenic contaminant 1,4 – dioxane are still available on our shelves.

Mineral Make-up Ingredient Facts

Mineral Makeup Foundation

The term "mineral make-up" generally applies to the make-up category of face make-up.

Mineral make-up is a loose or dry mixture used to create foundations, eye shadows, blushes and bronzers. Because the powder is loose and dry, it does not need binders or preservatives.

Mineral make-up in this form will generally only contain 4 to 6 ingredients. These are the ingredients for the best foundation make-up for your skin.

Mineral make-up supplied in the compressed form, such as eye shadow or blush, must have a binder.

Mineral make-up supplied in a liquid form, such as liquid foundations, must have a preservative.

Mineral make-up supplied in a moist and compact form, such as lipstick and eye make-up, must have both a preservative and a binder.

A note worth remembering is that the highest concentration of ingredients are listed first in the ingredients list on the make-up packaging.

Where to start

The first thing to learn about is colours. Colours are the heart of mineral make-up ingredients and without them, makeup would not be very interesting.

So it is important to understand them so that you know how to create colours and apply these colours to your skin.

To start off with, there are 3 pages that you need to read concerning colours :

Read these 3 pages now or later because the next step is about the ingredients themselves.

What are the Mineral Make-up Ingredients?

The barest mineral make-up ingredients are :

Zinc Oxide - White

Zinc Oxide

Sericite Mica - White

Sericite Mica

Brown Oxide

Brown Oxide

Red Oxide

Red Oxide

Titanium Dioxide - White

Titanium Dioxide

Black Oxide

Black Oxide

Green Oxide

Green Oxide

Yellow Oxide

Yellow Oxide

It is important to note that this bare mineral make-up ingredient formulation does not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, water or dyes.

For this reason, many dermatologists suggest that the barest mineral make-up is gentler and kinder to the skin which is of particular benefit for those of us that have sensitive skins.

Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Iron Oxide are the barest (least amount) of ingredients needed to create a Mineral Make-up product in the powder form.

Mineral Make-up Ingredient Extras

Some mineral make-ups can contain Bismuth oxychloride. This can irritate the skin of sensitive skins.

Some mineral make-ups contain Talc. Talc has a tendency to clog pores (comedogenic) and therefore cause acne. Some skins are also sensitive to Talc contained in make-up

Mineral Make-up Ingredient Benefits

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties. These mineral make-up ingredients have a calming effect on the skin. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for skins that suffer from inflammatory problems such as rosacea.

Zinc oxide is anti-microbial as it kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, or protozoans. This is a useful make-up ingredient for skins that suffer from acne.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is a physical sun reflector and therefore offers a mild amount of sun protection.

Mineral make-up that only contains Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Iron Oxide have an indefinite shelf life. It does not need any preservatives.

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