Reporters Fired for Exposing Monsanto's Milk Hormone Business

by Rose

An Informed Public can be less Lied to and Manipulated by Governments and Corporations

An Informed Public can be less Lied to and Manipulated by Governments and Corporations

(USA) This is a YouTube video of the 2 investigative reporters, that worked for Fox News, explaining their story of the Monsanto Milk Hormone Documentary and the chain of events that led to their dismissal.

Of the several startling revelations, a very significant one is the court ruling that there is no law stating that news networks must report the truth.

If news networks do not have to report the truth and are under no obligation to do so ... have we been listening to lies for the last several decades?

The video also highlights the conflict of interest between news networks receiving advertising revenue and corporations paying for this advertising.

It is clear to see that if investigative journalism conflicts with the business affairs of one of their advertisers, the advertisers have sufficient strength to manipulate the content of this investigative journalism.

The sad thing is that this is happening right under the very noses of the regulatory authorities that are tasked to ensure that news is fair and unbiased. (We now know that it does not have to be truthful)

Keep yourself informed. An informed public can be less manipulated and lied to by Governments and corporations - sad to have to say this about our elected officials and blue chip companies.


Governments, Blue Chip Corporations and News Networks = 0
Consumer Powered Media = 1

The Power is in the Hands of the Consumers ... Use it or Lose it (So far, it seems we are losing but we are starting to change that)

The video is about 10 minutes long.

You can watch it here.

Keep Yourself Informed and Live Free from Lies and Manipulation


  • Start by stop listening to the news networks

  • Demand competence from your Government - not smooth talking

  • Get off your chair - actions speak louder than words

  • Believe in yourself. Educate yourself. Trust your common sense

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