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These Online Tools provide Language Support, Site Search Support, RSS Setup, Cookie Selection and the Contact Us form.

Please also see our suggestion box, below, for any comments that you would like to add.

If you don't have time to browse through this site, please use the site Search facility. This Search will only look for your words in this site - not the internet.

For example, type in "Natural Acne Scar Treatment" and then click Search.

Please standby .... warming up the search engine

The search engine will open a new page / tab automatically.

Choose your language here

Click the flag for language selection and the site will automatically be translated.

For additional languages, please use the Translate Menu located in the top right column on every page of this website (Cookies must be enabled for it to work properly)

RSS setup

RSS makes it so easy to only read exactly what interests you.

Click the applicable button below to select your RSS choice and follow the prompts.

My Yahoo
Google Blog

For My MSN, place your mouse over this text, right click, copy link address and then paste this address into the address box that appears after you click the My MSN icon (above)


This website uses cookies for navigational purposes, to enhance your experience, and to help us to analyse how you use this website. The information that we store in these cookies will not allow us to identify you personally.

For European Union visitors, our recommendation is that you should accept our cookies to keep the website working as it has been designed to do - remember, there is no personal information and we will never know who you are.

We want to make things better

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions.

With your help, we can improve our site. For any suggestions, positive or negative, please contact us. A better site means a better experience for you and we cannot make it perfect without your help and advice.

Please use the form below.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Or .... use the form below to enter your name, email address (will NOT be shared) and your message. 

If you require us to contact you, we will use the email provided - please double check to make sure it is correct.

If the email address is correct, you will receive an acknowledgement email. If you don't receive this email within 24 hours then either the email address is incorrect or something has gone wrong on our side. In this case, please resend.

* Requires an entry. Other than an acknowledgement email, we will not contact you unless you require us to do so.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Suggestions and comments

With your suggestions and ideas, we can make it better. We think that these are the most important on-line Help Tools. We don't want to add tools that will distract you or clutter the site.

The purpose of these tools is to simplify your life and make your navigation easier and quicker. If you think we can improve or add any more tools, please let us know.

Use the contact form just above.

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