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Fake news, fake science, fake politics and fake promises.

Fake news, fake science, fake politics and fake promises.

Top 10 Scientific Paper Retractions

This is the maze that consumers have to navigate everyday to make informed decisions about their lives. 

Whether it's about food, healthcare, politics, education, security or any other important aspect of our lives, there is a growing element of distrust in our systems.

To try and navigate this complex maze of distrust, we must inform ourselves to be able to make better decisions.

The latest global pro-vax vs anti-vax spectacle is a case in point. Professional points of view are so polarised that the consumer, sitting in the middle, has no choice but to inform themselves to be able to make an informed decision.

What does this maze all mean and how does it affect me ...?

Ever thought of your life as a minefield of toxins?

Moyoway - Dangerous Cosmetics in Your Home
You are a Live Experiment being Used by the Unregulated Cosmetic Companies
  • Do you know that your body is accumulating many of these toxins?
  • Do you know that this toxic accumulation has unknown side effects?
  • Recently noticed more awareness campaigns about toxins in cosmetics and foods like GM?
  • Do you know that you are a live experiment being used for testing these side effects because the regulators and manufacturers do not do thorough long term testing?

Continue reading only if you are ready for some interesting facts about toxins that you won't find on the label of your foods and cosmetics

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  • Our children are being born with these toxins already in them
  • For self inflicted reasons, our Governments can do very little to regulate some of these industries
  • The cosmetic industry, for example, is self regulated and they tell Government what is safe
  • One way or another, every human being will lie and steal in their lifetime. Let's be realistic here, why would industry be any different? The recent financial crisis in 2008 may be a good place to look around if you have any doubts

Common ingredients in your cosmetics and foods are linked to:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Irritation
  • Several Cancers
  • Photo-sensitisation
  • Learning disabilities
  • Decreased male fertility
Cosmetic Toxins cause Learning Disabilities
Cosmetic Toxins cause Asthma

Should we be concerned about ingredients in our cosmetics and foods?

Cosmetics used by Males and Females Everyday
  • The average female uses about 12 cosmetics per day
  • In 1990, there were approximately 38,000 cosmetic related injuries that required medical attention
  • The average male uses about 6 cosmetics per day
  • The 38,000 excludes those that did not see doctors because they did not associate allergies, irritations, etc with cosmetics

When you know better, you do better

Can you tell the ingredients that you put on your skin today?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Common Cosmetic Ingredients

Some may recognise aloe vera but for everyone else, most will not recognise any.

And herein lies the problem ... we have no idea what we are putting on and into our bodies.

A stranger in a shop says hello and we are immediately cautious. But lathering our skin with unknown cosmetic ingredients stimulates no caution at all because some big company says it is safe?

It does seem strange that we are cautious for some things and not cautious at all for other things which are much more dangerous to our well being. 

Starting to feel a little vulnerable? You should. Up until the industrial revolution, cancer was almost unheard of. Today, cancer is almost as common as the flu.

Do you know that global cancer cure rates (cure, as in more than 5 years) is less than 3% when using the only "acceptable" forms of cancer treatments ie. surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Have we become so trusting with brands that we are unable to identify the things in our lives that we REALLY need to be fearful of?

Cosmetic and food giants work very hard to keep our perception of them as trusting and safe brands ... is it time for us to re-evaluate that perception if we would like to stay toxin free?

Why read more when you can easily click back?

Right now, this site writes about cosmetics, foods and topics that are important to re-focus our hearts and minds to the Moyoway. We show freely available and useful information such as DIY cosmetic recipes and informative articles that will also help lead a less toxin filled life.

We tell you about toxins in our daily lives, and offer alternatives to make your own or buy more wisely.

Moyoway believes that at some point in your life, you will be affected by toxins, positively or negatively, directly or indirectly; or you will know of somebody that has been affected by toxins in the same way.

Out of millions of websites around the world, you are here for a reason. You can learn something or you can share something with us.

Heard it all before?

So have we and when you scratch a little deeper, most cosmetic and food manufacturers only want your money for the least amount of offering. But, Moyoway is not a lesson about company ethics.

While it may be important to have a little knowledge of cosmetics and foods and the influence it has on our lives, this website tells you what is in these products and the information here is for those of us that want to use these products safely and simply by buying smarter or making our own.

If you think that everything is fine and well and you don't need to take this seriously, sadly, you are mistaken. There are about 80,000 chemicals out there and, for example, up to 232 of them have been found in the umbilical cord of babies - your baby is being exposed to these chemicals before it is born.

You are entirely responsible for these chemicals in your body, your family and your unborn children. If you are in the business of producing "frankenkids" then you don't need to pay attention to this article. Your body can absorb as much as 2 kg of chemicals per year which will ensure that something, at some point, will go wrong.

Chemically induced diseases and their effects, such as asthma, allergies, irritation, photo-sensitisation, learning disabilities, decreased male fertility, diabetes, cancer, obesity and many others cannot be undone. You have to live with and manage these diseases for the rest of your life.

Would it not be better to try and avoid them altogether and use our time on earth to the fullest rather than treat avoidable diseases?

This is not about scare tactics and there is no agenda. This article is simply telling you what you are doing because it is unlikely that you actually realise what you are doing to yourself.

Stay ahead of the chemical game before it is too late. Have a look at this short video and pay attention at the 1:20 time mark to see the importance of staying one step ahead.

This is a trailer for a film, Unacceptable Levels, that was made by a father trying to understand the chemical world that he and his wife are raising their children in.

In our foods, cosmetics and activities, we are exposed to approximately 200 synthetic industrial chemicals everyday. Why are disease rates increasing when medical technology and Government regulation is supposedly getting better? Corporations and governments have their own agendas that are often not in our interests - the common people like you and me.

How does one start the Moyoway?

Media, advertising, internet, social pressure, celebrity endorsement and our busy lives are such powerful tools and distractions that it is easy to become so overwhelmed that we start to doubt our own judgement for the sake of convenience.

Our lives are already so busy. It seems like an uphill task to now have to also be aware of the dangers in our cosmetics and foods.

Our site, Moyoway, follows the 20/80 rule - 20% of your time for 80% information. How many sites take 80% of your time and only provide 20% of the information that is really useful? Maybe its time for a clean-up in more ways than one?

"If only I knew sooner"

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Accumulation of Cosmetic Toxins over a Period of Time - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica

Moyoway believes that because we have only one skin and body for our entire life, it is best that we look after ours and so should you.

We don't want to land up looking like this ... lead, triclosan, flame retardants, mercury are all ingredients of our daily makeup routine.

Moyoway quote of the page

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” 

- Josh Billings

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Moyoway is a family collaboration in our own search to deal with the consequences of toxins in our lives. Hopefully we can inform others before they injure themselves.

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