Monsanto Increases Sales of Herbicide and Bill Gates Receives Proceeds of the Profit

by Bruce

Big Profits on Sales of Environmental Toxins

Big Profits on Sales of Environmental Toxins

With demand growing in South America, Monsanto has reported that its net profits in the second quarter, which ended Feb. 28, was $1.48 billion.

This record profit was helped by a 37% increase in sales of its herbicide.

Bill Gates will be very pleased with these results and his 500 000 shares of Monsanto stock is appreciating nicely.

The strategy of Monsanto and other GMO companies is global seed control at any cost to the world and everything in it.

- Farmers Committ Suicide - Shankara, like millions of other Indian farmers, had been promised previously unheard of harvests and income if he switched from farming with traditional seeds to planting GM seeds instead.

- Trafficking, Torture and Forced Child Labour - ADM, Nestle & Cargill Sued for Sourcing Cocoa Beans for Chocolate from Slave Labour Plantations in Africa

- US State Department uses US Tax payers Money to Extend Monsanto's Global Reach - The question is why? And does the caption "but they had to buy some people" in the image have anything to do with this? Are US State Department employees allowed to own shares in companies that they support?

Bill Gates finances his philanthropy by investing in companies that want to globally control seeds (our food), sell as much toxic herbicide as possible and maximise profits by toxifying and corrupting cells with technology that has no long term or independent testing?

This world already produces more food than what it needs so the argument by the likes of Monsanto that GMO seeds will create more food is stupid and if you don't know this, then you need to educate yourself. You can start off here.

Watching starving people on TV is not because there is a shortage of food, it is because the food is controlled by Governments and global corporations and the likes of Monsanto are escalating this problem. In poor countries, Governments use food to influence votes.

Why would Bill Gates want to endorse global food control to a few companies that he has shares in?

Is philanthropy not to increase the well being of mankind?

Not only is Bill Gates investing in GMO products, he is also promoting it.
The Science Behind Plant-Based Proteins

And if you need a little refresher on how the GMO companies do their science, you can click here to read a short and interesting article.

What does philanthropy and global food domination (through patents) have in common?

Unfortunately Bill Gates refused to answer this question.

Here is the commentary of this question when it was posed to Bill Gates on Reddit - Ask Me Anything

Innovation is a key ingredient for human development but knowledge and innovation in the hands of a few destroys it - the stockholders of Monsanto like it this way and modern philanthropy is really a disguise for global control of essential human requirements.

Of course, there is often 2 sides to a story.

Maybe one day Mr Gates will care to elaborate on this unusual relationship between food security domination by a powerful few and philanthropy, supposedly aimed at the well being of mankind.

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