Submission for Fu-Qu Competition from MM Cosmetica #2

by MM Cosmetica

Natural and Organic Products Should not be Sold at a Premium

Natural and Organic Products Should not be Sold at a Premium

We don't believe that natural products should come at a premium. It suggests that products produced with chemical additives is now normal. That sounds a little twisted to us and we think you should know about it to form your own opinion so that you can make your own educated choices.

Products produced with chemical additives should be sold at a premium because the cost of cleaning up the human and environmental contamination in decades to come should not have to be borne by the innocent and uninformed generations of today.

It would also be nice to see some global leadership from Governments officially endorsing and supporting natural and organic products.

We think a natural world is a better world than a genetically modified (GMO) world.
But that's just our opinion and hopefully your inspiration.

MM Cosmetica Team
(Just for inspiration ... not for the competition)

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