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Au natural conjures up all sorts of images :

How au natural are you?
  • Conservationists fighting it out with unsustainable industry
  • Nude people frolicking around at the seaside
  • Natural organic skin care
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Natural anti ageing
  • Natural hygiene
  • Natural skin care
  • Natural detox

Whatever it is, it more or less narrows down to a plain, simple, natural, bare (nude if you wish), pure, raw, unprocessed and wholesome state of being.

This state of being may be yourself enjoying the comfort of your own presence.

It may be watching the stars or basking in the silver of the moon.

It may be an intimate moment with a loved one.

Whatever it may be, the outcome is a level of peace, trust and acceptance.

There are 7 billion of us and we can expect that there are many versions of au natural.

For me, and this site, au natural is about life and actions.

It is about peace, trust and acceptance. The same feelings that I get when I have that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

At this point, you are probably thinking that the writer of this site may be bit of an idiot.

Maybe so.

  • When last did you have that warm fuzzy feeling when you were thinking about skin care or ageing or cancer or hygiene or perfume?
  • When last did you have that warm fuzzy feeling when BP had that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • When last did you have that warm fuzzy feeling when you were alarmed about somebody that you know developing cancer or you read an article about cancer that is on the increase?

Think about it.

My guess is that it may be sometime back.

I do believe that you are not alone on this thought.

Cancer is increasing ... why

Most of us are born perfectly healthy, au natural if you wish.

Many of us die either of heart disease, cancer, accidents, sad, alone, scared or simply unfulfilled.

When last did you hear of somebody dying peacefully, trustfully and acceptingly … I bet that has been a while too.

Our lives are constant conflicts and battles … very different from a natural lifestyle that is balanced with nature.

Today is my daughters 16th birthday.

Born in Malawi, 16 years ago, natural child birth, in a remote clinic, at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by mango trees. Today, she is in the middle of her exams, in her second last year of schooling.

We talk about universities. We talk about careers. We talk about travelling, learning and experiencing. We talk about her life and her future.

I think to myself, am I leaving a natural world for her?

Or am I leaving a twisted and tormented world hell-bent on profit at any expense, and if I am, am I supporting it by turning a blind eye?

Your kids watch you

I use cosmetics. I go to the shelf, look at the brand, look at the price, look at the packaging, make a choice and leave.

She watches me. This is what I am teaching her.

I think to myself … that was stupid.

I look to the future and I see me, when it is my time to go, as being unfulfilled … why did I not teach her better?

Does being naked make you feel uncomfortable

Au Natural

This site is not about naked people frolicking in the water. This site is about being plain, simple, natural, bare, pure, raw, unprocessed and wholesome.

It is about being courageous enough to make decisions that have natural consequences. It is about being brave enough to think differently and act differently.

It is about trusting yourself, being at peace with your decisions and accepting responsibility for it.

We are not accustomed to this.

  • We trust other people to make decisions for us, develop formulas and sell it to us
  • We accept no responsibility for the products we buy and the damage it may cause to us or our world
  • We are at peace when we look great, layered with unknown chemicals

There is nothing fulfilling about this.

How au natural are you

This site is about makeup and cosmetics that are plain, simple, natural, bare, pure, raw, unprocessed and wholesome.

And this is where it begins ... how Natural Health starts.

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