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This pink ribbon is a symbol of hope, support and awareness. Several older members of my family have had this disease over the years. Thankfully they were all successfully treated but one can't help to ask why it ever happened.

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It seems more and more people are starting to ask this question too. Before it seemed that people were content with the fact that "Oh well, it is just my bad luck".

Pink Ribbon

Doctors, Governments and scientists have spent 10 of millions of Dollars over the years into the research of types of breast cancer, how to identify it, how it forms, grows and importantly how to remove it.

However, it seems that very little has been spent on trying to find out where it comes from, what are the causing triggers and why it is increasing, even with more awareness.

If one does an internet search for "How to avoid breast cancer", most of the sites repeat the 15 to 20 factors that they say influences the disease.

But the cases are still rising.

Even more bizarre is that studies have shown that women in one country (with a lower risk) that move to another country (with a higher risk) automatically increase their own risk to the same level of women in that country.

Geographical Area Incident Rates (www.wcrc.org)

Geographical Area Incident Rates per 100 000

It is well documented that genetics and the environment each have a role in breast cancer, but when studies reveal that risk increases from one country to another, to the same person, then genetics can be ruled out.

This highlights the fact that more study needs to be done on the environmental factors (although this is a huge area, we are personally in control of most of it). Historically, most research money appears to have been spent on genetic factors which seems to have concluded very little.

What we do know is that Nobel prize winners from 1931 until today have determined, that acidosis and a sick immune system lead to cancer. Your gut is around 80% of your immune system, so looking after your digestive system, food nutrition and detox is a good place to start. While big pharmaceutical companies tinker around with patent pending Petri dish experiments, at least you have a place to start on your own to avoid or fight against breast cancer.

There is no doubt that most woman today are acutely aware of breast cancer and opinion suggests that most have been exposed to some kind of awareness campaign ... but, cases are still rising.

How does breast cancer begin

Breast Cancer Cell (www.telegraph.co.uk)

Cells in our body die everyday. This is a normal process. We have an entirely new body every several weeks and this is done by our cells replicating themselves perfectly every time.

This is how it has worked for hundreds of millions of years and mother nature has got the science exactly correct.

But what causes a diseased cell? Why does a perfectly healthy cell all of a sudden create a corrupted replica of itself? What happened in the process of replication?

There is an external factor involved and unfortunately we don't know exactly what these factors are.

But we do know that in a perfect environment, our cells replicate perfectly every time and this is an important guideline when we don't know what the problem is.

How to avoid breast cancer

While we cannot do much about our genetic structure we can do a lot about our environment. Our environmental area is very large and includes some of the following :

  • food and liquids that we eat and drink
  • air that we breath
  • materials that we touch
  • state of emotion and emotional surroundings

Most of us are not doctors, scientists or spiritualists but if we consider the 4 environmental factors mentioned above and take into consideration that mother nature has perfected the art of cell replication over millions of years, all we have left to reflect on this issue, is our common sense.

Compared to the amount of times doctors, scientists or spiritualists have safeguarded our lives, our common sense has guided most of us correctly many times over. While professionals have each played their part in structuring our common sense, when nobody is sure, then all we have left is our common sense.

The great thing about common sense is having to put faith into yourself and this already, is a step in the right direction.

The following is an example of how common sense and breast cancer can be connected.

What are the most commonly suggested breast cancer deterrents

Common suggestions are :

  • Low body weight
  • Little or no alcohol
  • Regular excercise
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Little or no unhealthy fats like Omega-6
  • Little or no pharmacological oestrogens**

** This one deserves more attention because there are elements involved here that are more dangerous to humans and the planet than what many of us realise.

Long exposer to oestrogen-like compounds found in environmental pollutants, such as pesticides and industrial chemicals play a fundamental role in the development of cancer.

The infographic below suggests the levels of exposure to pesticides and chemicals in products that we use everyday.

How Oestrogen-like Compounds are Sneaking into our Bodies

More suggestions include :

  • No smoking
  • Breast feed when possible
  • Maintain breast awareness
  • Little or no medical radiation
  • Be aware of your genetic history
  • Avoid carcinogens in cosmetics
  • Little or no external hormone intake
  • Ensure adequate levels of Vit C, D, E and selenium
  • Little or no exposure to common household cleaners ***

*** There are green alternatives (unfortunately, that fresh clean smell from your common household cleaner may actually be doubling your cancer risk)

Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body
  • Little or no canned foods
  • Maintain positivity both mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Little or no unhealthy carbohydrates like white flour and white rice
  • Eat and use organic products whenever possible (avoid ALL GMO and pesticide exposed products)
  • Avoid common air pollutants in your home like benzene (from your car, lawn mower, scented candles and air freshners)
  • Ensure adequate intake of flaxseed, brazil nuts, garlic, berries, pomegranate, dark-green leafy vegetables, salmon, broccoli and broccoli sprouts, green tea, peppers, turmeric and walnuts

There are some unexpected suggestions, like :

  • Wear a bra as little as possible (Bras restrict the flow of lymph within breast tissue. Lymph is responsible for cleaning breast tissue from waste products, dead cells and toxins)
Schematic of Lymph Vessels (www.mayoclinic.com)

Many environmental toxins and pesticides that cause and promote cancer are stored in fatty tissue by the body - this is a normal process.

Breast tissue is one such fatty area and this suggestion highlights the possibility that the cup and straps restrict the flow of the lymph capillaries. 

There are some unusual suggestions, such as, risk increases if women :

  • Are childless
  • Are tall or thin
  • Have their first child over 30
  • Have their first period at a young age

There are also some extreme suggestions, like :

  • Cancer chemoprevention with the use of drugs
  • Preventive surgery such as mastectomy and ovary removal

Because breast cancer is not an exact science, none of them are "wrong" but then again,  none of them may be "right" either. Most of these suggestions are extracted highlights of scientific studies, professional opinion, historical data and people like yourself.

Even when all added together, there is still no 100% guarantee on how to avoid the disease. All you really have is your common sense (which is all of the above suggestions and your heart) to guide you.

And here is your answer ... your common sense may be the most powerful deterrent against breast cancer and it may be best to start believing in it as soon as you can.

Click here to see several infographics that we have put together for tips and strategies that we think are best to avoid cancer, of any form.

So why did some family members develop breast cancer

The truth is that we don't know and we will never know and it is simply not good enough. Hundreds of millions of Dollars of research money cannot answer this question. If we don't find out what REALLY causes it, it will just keep happening.

If a family member develops cancer tomorrow, it will be the same answer "We don't know why she got it but we will be happy to try and treat it"

Until we do know what causes breast cancer, trust your own common sense.

So what do we know about breast cancer

As far as prevention is concerned, not very much. The figures speak for themselves.

Increasing Breast Cancer Statistics (www.ons.gov.uk)

Breast Cancer Incident Statistics Show an Increase

Here is additional statistical information from UK's Office for National Statistics :

If you have cholesterol, heart disease and stress most of the suggestions listed above (where relevant) will apply. These suggestions therefore imply general deterrent guidelines for breast cancer, heart disease, obesity and stress to name a few.

Sort of a "one size fits all" guideline and this happens when people don't know the real answers.

We know that in more remote and less industrial geographical areas, the incident rate is less. This does suggest an environmental issue.

We also know that our family members are from the chemical and petrochemical era of products like Agent Orange, DDT, Asbestos and houses built on contaminated soil from chemical dumping like PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl). Again, this suggests an environmental issue.

While many of these substances are banned today, the world still produces millions of tons of chemicals every year and we are exposed to these chemicals in everything we drink, touch, eat, absorb and breath.

This video, from Gapminder Foundation, shows the statistics of rising breast cancer in developed and developing countries.

Naturally, many critics will say that these newer chemicals have no effect on humans and the rest of the world. (We also know that the UN World Health Organisation said that DDT was safe to use back then)

The critics will also say that many of us are living a healthy lifestyle and one may think that many of us are. The fact that we are living longer is a strong case in point ... right?

Wrong, and here is why.

What's Your Story?

Help to keep it real and tell your story.

Comments about your experiences and opinions will go a long way to helping all of us.

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