Breast Cancer Run in Spain

by Marcel

The Pink Wave will Beat Breast Cancer

The Pink Wave will Beat Breast Cancer

On 21 April 2013, there was the Race for Women held in Valencia, Spain.

Website - Carreradelamujer (It's in Spanish)

The event is sponsored by Ladival (sunscreen manufacturers) and attracts approximately 84,000 participants throughout Europe - apparently, the largest women's sporting event in Europe.

Each year, the event is also held in several of the Spanish provinces and, as the title mentions, is a race for women, by women in aid of breast cancer awareness.

A few guys snuck in to run, some dressed up with wigs, dresses and lipstick - unfortunately, they were too quick for me to take a photo of them.

My daughters are at Caxton College, Valencia and the school made a great effort to attend with many teachers and staff participating - see one the photos.

Our whole family did the race, including Dad, who did not adorn himself with lipstick and eye-liner but did have his pink T-Shirt on.

All in all, it was a great day for a great cause.

Blessings to all.

(We came in around 52 minutes ... I think we can do better next year)

PS While sponsors for events like these often make a significant impact for important causes such as breast cancer awareness, one always needs to be very aware of any products that you put on or into your body.

The effects of deep skin penetrating cosmetics, such as some sunscreens, has many critics arguing that these effects are not yet fully understood and researched.

Always educate yourself and do not follow blindly - like tobacco products, a few people had to die first before Government institutions kicked in (they did nothing for decades) and made very public statements that smoking will kill you.

Don't be one of the dead statistics.

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