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Evidence seems to be pointing in the direction of environmental factors that are influencing rise in cancer. While genetics play an influencing role, it seems that environmental factors are starting to claim the lions share.

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How Green is Your World

Is your local environment as green as you think it is? Unless you are living in places like East Africa or South Central Asia, it is very unlikely.

Consider the two graphs below.

Breast Cancer Rates per 100 000 per Geographical Region

Graph A : Breast cancer rates per 100 000 per Geographical Region

Breast Cancer Rates in Western Europe (UK)

Graph B : Breast cancer rates per 100 000 in one
Region (UK, Western Europe)

Graph A shows that breast cancer is substantially higher in Western Europe than in East Africa.

Western Europe is a large industrialised area with high income, high urbanisation and good medical facilities. East Africa is a small industrialised area with middle to low income, low urbanisation and little to no medical facilities.

Graph B shows that breast cancer is increasing in Western Europe (this specific graph is from the Office of National Statistics UK)

As a side note, globally, nearly 1.4 million cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2008. In 1975, this figure was about 500 000. By 2030, this figure is estimated to rise to 2.1 million.

Statistics from USA

Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council: “Americans are sicker and die younger than other people in wealthy nations.”

Spends 2.5 times more on health care than any other nation

41% of Americans are projected to get cancer (and 2 will die from it)

Why are places like Western Europe getting sicker when they are supposed to be better equipped, better organised and better regulated?

Is Western Europe not supposed to be "safer" than deep dark Africa?

Even though areas like Western Europe are getting sicker with diseases like breast cancer, ironically, the numbers also clearly show these nations (and similar nations) have a much higher life expectancy than less developed cultures and nations.

Life Expectancy per Country (

Life Expectancy Per Country
(Click Image for Larger View)

Western Europe has rigorous laws, high quality education, money, highly developed infrastructure such as sanitation and medical facilities.

Yet the graphs show that breast cancer will increase and from what we understand about cancer so far, toxins in our body are playing a significant role in increasing this cancer risk.

Our bodies do not create these toxins. These toxins enter our body through local environmental factors. And from what the graphs are showing, the more urbanised and industrialised your environment is, the more likely you will get sick with diseases like breast cancer.

Are we really living longer or are we getting sicker?

The ever seeming myth amongst industrialised nations is that they are living longer because of high living standards and healthier bodies. But the real reason seems to be that they are living longer because of better medical access and technology.

Unfortunately, this life extension comes with a serious cost.

In places like the USA, health care is very expensive and in places like Europe that has social healthcare, Governments are slashing budgets because of high running costs.

Visible indicators show that social healthcare is becoming increasingly unavailable for the poor or slow and ineffective for the others.

Cost of Life Expectancy per Country (

Keeping People Alive in Western Europe Type Countries is Becoming Expensive Business Because more of us are Getting Sicker and
our Diseases are Becoming More Complex
(Click Image for Larger View)

Using common sense, one would think that if these citizens were healthy and strong, there would be decreasing diseases, such as breast cancer, which would result in less demand on private and social healthcare thereby keeping costs down. (Simple economics show that if demand is high, prices will always be high)

Actual Cost of Healthcare per Country (

Actual Costs of Healthcare per Country
(Click Image for Larger View)
Note that these Figures are over 10 Years Old

Healthy and strong citizens are an important issue because if we look again at all the "how to avoid breast cancer suggestions" listed here, most of them encourage a healthy lifestyle. But our lifestyle is directly influenced by our environmental factors, which is directly influenced by industrialisation and urbanisation.

How do we maintain a healthy lifestyle in an industrialised environment when :

  • the insects that pollinate our fruit and vegetables are laced with pesticides and suffering significant extermination, like the bees
  • diseases are becoming more resistant and dangerous because of their resistance to the continious use of antibiotics
  • our air is contaminated with pesticides, carbon monoxide and airborne industrialised pollutants
  • our ground water is contaminated with heavy metals, chemical fertilisers and hormones
  • processed foods are easier and cheaper to buy than natural and wholesome foods
  • our soil is contaminated with chemical fertilisers, pesticides and factory waste
  • our grains have been genetically modified
  • our meat has been genetically modified

Will keeping a positive attitude and staying fit really make any difference when your body is continuously bombarded by things like food and cosmetic toxins from your living environment and lifestyle?

Maybe only for a time. Eventually the toxins will beat your positive and physical attitude and you will get sick. Cyclist, Lance Armstrong, is a good example.

Cancer does not discriminate and it is increasing in the industrialised world because of environmental toxins, food toxins and cosmetic toxins.

The message is very clear - clean up your life. Governments will not do it for you - you have to do it yourself.

Does anyone really care

Just by walking into your local supermarket it appears that Governments seem to show little or no interest in prioritising and maximising your health. Consider these points :

  • Most supermarkets don't even stock organic products
  • Organic foods and products are more expensive than the GMO / Pesticide / Antibiotic varieties
  • Trying to get an organic stamp on a product is an expensive and bureaucratic process for an individual or enterprise (but when the same individual or enterprise sells GMO / Pesticide / Antibiotic produced products, there is no paperwork or additional costs)
  • There are conclusive studies that GMO / Pesticide / Antibiotic products are toxifying humans and the environment yet there are no special taxes to reverse/repair/clean-up these effects when future generations need to deal with the problem

If all the bees die from pesticides, what will happen? (Albert Einstein said that we will all be dead in about 4 years)

What can you do about it

You can move to places like East Africa or you can learn more about the subject and start to take matters into your own hands.

If you choose to stay in your highly urbanised and industrialised region, you can continue to live life as you are and contribute significantly to your health care or you can change the way you live and make yourself healthier.

While environmental factors like air and ground require large and active Government framework for the changes to become real, the smaller aspects like food toxins, cosmetic toxins and the things that you personally touch each day, are directly under your control.

This interview with Dr Coldwell illustrates a healthy lifestyle perspective to cure cancer. But the message to consider from this interview is not how to cure cancer but rather how to eat properly to minimise cancer ever starting in the first place altogether.

Dr Coldwell's foundation is offering $1 million to any traditional doctor that can prove to have healed more cancer patients than himself.

Traditional cancer treatments have a 97% failure rate. Dr Coldwell mentions that he has the highest cancer cure rate in the world and given a legal framework to operate in, he claims to be able to cure up to 90% of his cancer patients.

These are big statements from Dr Coldwell which may seem a little far fetched, but then again, a 3% success rate using traditional medical options is an exceptionally poor statistic for some seriously expensive and painful treatments.

This link describes what Dr Coldwell would do if he had cancer. It is worth a few minutes of your time to read a convincing alternative to the traditional chemotherapy and surgery route.

The cosmetic toxins that are making you sick

Wherever you are in the world, you will be exposed to some of these cosmetic toxins one way or another.

What is important about this list is that it shows you the products that these toxic ingredients exist in. Avoiding these products or being aware of these cosmetic toxins (and buying products without them) will go a long way to reducing your toxic ingredient in take.

Of course, you may think that our Governments will never allow toxic ingredients, that will harm us, in any of our products ... but that is up to you to decide.

What we can say is that sites like these and thousands of others would not exist if that was the case.

Cosmetic Toxins - Aluminium

Cosmetic Toxins - Hydroquinone

Cosmetic Toxins - Parabens

Cosmetic Toxins - Phthalates

Cosmetic Toxins - Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Cosmetic Toxins - Formaldehyde

Cosmetic Toxins - Lead

Cosmetic Toxins - Petroleum

Cosmetic Toxins - Propylene Glycol

Cosmetic Toxins - Triclosan

Click Any of the Cosmetic Toxins Images to Enlarge

We are slowly building an ingredients list for many commonly used cosmetics. Click here to use the list to find which of your personal care products may contain cosmetic toxins not listed here.

Watch this 9 minute video to see which cosmetic toxins are linked to hormone imbalances in women.

You will also see some Body Shop ingredients listed as ones to avoid. Body Shop has developed a reputation of being natural and made without harmful synthetic chemicals. Sadly, this is often no longer the case. Cosmetic toxins are appearing too often in these "natural" products.

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