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Certainly not. There are government appointed organisations that are supposed to be doing just that.

FDA - Protecting and Promoting Your Health

However, some of them seem to do this in ways that don't seem to make much sense. Here are some examples that illustrate this:

  • Cosmetics are not regulated by organisations like the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)
  • No approval is needed for cosmetic ingredients (other than some colours) before they are sold to consumers
  • Cosmetic injuries do not have to be reported
  • Cosmetic recalls are voluntary
  • Since 1938, FDA has banned 8 cosmetic ingredients out of approximately 12 000

It does beg the question ... what exactly is the relationship between Governments, Organisations like the FDA, Cosmetic Self Regulating Organisations and large Cosmetic Manufacturers?

Questionable Relationships Between Government and Large Cosmetic Companies
Questionable Self Regulation
  • At our local cosmetic store, how do we know what is safe and what is not?
How do You Know if the Lead in Your Lipstick Will Not Kill You?
  • Why does labelling have to be so difficult to sift through the distractions to get to the facts?
  • Do cosmetic manufacturers and stores really care about us and our lives?
  • For the food and cosmetic manufacturers, the best consumer seems to be the one with the weakest mind.

Does ANYONE really care?

Whatever the answer is, you need to know what is in your makeup and foods before you use them.

Lead Toxicity Levels over the Decades

If you knew that your cosmetics contained lethal doses of lead, would you use them?

In 1970, 60 micrograms of lead was considered toxic. In 2012, it was 5. This means that in 1970, consumers would happily and legally consume 12 times more lead than they would have today.

See how you are part of the experiment?

See how toxic values change over the years?

Would it not be best for you to simply avoid as many toxins as you can? The glyphosate (herbicide) residual that you are eating in your cereal today may be considered too toxic for you tomorrow.

How do these values change? New test procedures and, of course, new dead and sick people. By reading this, you have a choice to do the best you can to avoid becoming one of these statistics.

If somebody does care, how sure are they?

For products that ARE regulated, how much faith should we put into these organisations that decide:

Accumulated Cosmetic Toxic Build-up in you Body - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica
  • what is toxic for humans and what isn't? When DDT first came out, it was not considered toxic for humans.
  • when does a lot of little toxins become a large toxin problem considering that we use between 6 and 12 cosmetic products per day?

A few years ago, I was flying from Malawi to South Africa.

It is common practice in flights from parasite infected countries (there is Malaria in Malawi) that the crew spray the cabin with an insecticide.

Just before the spraying begins, they announce over the intercom of their intentions and that we should not worry as the spray has been certified safe by WHO – United Nations World Health Organisation.

WHO is a world leading authority on health and safety issues. What concerned me was an article I read in the in-flight magazine when, many years ago, the same organisation said that DDT was also safe to use.

The next thing that concerned me was that WHO have been wrong before and who is to say they will not be wrong again? 

This insecticide kills insects. How sure is WHO that this will have absolutely no effect on me now, or in the future?

Still not convinced about toxins in the daily things that we use, like makeup?

Ever had wrinkly skin after a bath?

  • Your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it
  • Absorbed cosmetics via your skin enters the bloodstream directly

Absorbed cosmetics via your stomach is first broken down by enzymes before entering the bloodstream (you have more protection via your digestive process)

A study showed that 13 percent of the cosmetic preservative butylate hydroxytoluene (BHT) and 49 percent of the carcinogenic pesticide DDT (which is found in some cosmetics containing lanolin) is absorbed through the skin.


What have we learned so far?

  • Cosmetics absorbed by your skin skips the digestive process and any chance of enzyme breakdown.
  • It is much easier to get cosmetic and food toxins into our body than it is to take them out again.
  • Common sense suggests that it is best to know your ingredients because cosmetic and food labelling cannot be trusted.
  • Educate yourself and trust your own judgement because prevention is better than cure, case in point, it is easier to get cancer than it is to get rid of it.
  • Unless you have nothing better to do with your life, don't be somebody else's guinea pig.
  • You have one body and if you damage it, you cannot undo the damage.
  • You think that you are untouchable and that Moyoway talking about topics like toxic makeup is a waste of time ... (but I hope not)

Do we really know what we put on our skin everyday of our lives?

With so Much Choice, It is Difficult to Always Find the Right Product

Media, advertising, internet, social pressure, celebrity endorsement and our busy lives are such powerful tools and distractions that it is easy to become so overwhelmed that you start to doubt your own judgement for the sake of convenience.

Watch this video and you will see for yourself the power of passive manipulation and how easy it is to make an honest mistake and choose the wrong product.

Where does one start?

Our lives are already so busy. It seems like an uphill task to now have to also be aware of the dangers of cosmetics.

This is where Moyoway talking about topics, such as toxins in makeup, makes it easy for you.

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Accumulation of Cosmetic Toxins over a Period of Time - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica

We at Moyoway believe that because we have only one skin and body for our entire life, it is best that we look after ours and so should you.

We don't want to land up looking like this ... lead, triclosan, flame retardants, mercury are all ingredients of our daily makeup routine.

Moyoway quote of the page

Coco Chanel, a Time 100: Most Important People of the Century, said

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.

Choose your makeup well.

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