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If a cosmetic company says their products are safe and caring for you and the world, should you believe them?

Estee Lauder Contains Ingredients Linked to Breast Cancer but the Labelling Says They Fight Cancer

A company that promotes itself as fighting cancer is both noble and caring!

Why would the same company make products that contain ingredients linked to causing cancer?

This is an example of the double standards that many cosmetic and food manufacturers have (and you won't find this on their label either).

The same manufacturer will tell you that there is no scientific evidence to prove that some of these ingredients cause cancers or other serious diseases.

It was only a few years ago that the tobacco industry was saying exactly the same thing - there is no scientific evidence that smoking is addictive and causes serious disease.

We call this cigarette science and here is another example of how it works.

Herbal Essences that Contains Petrochemical Ingredients

Have you ever heard of Herbal Essences?

It is a very popular product that is used throughout the world. On the package, they use words like Herbal, Natural and Organic.

Some of the ingredients used are made from petrochemical products.

What part of HERBAL comes from Petrochemicals?

Cosmetic manufacturers use words like HERBAL and NATURAL when one or more of the ingredients are herbal or natural.

The problem with this labelling is that it creates the perspective, by the consumer, that it is only made from Herbal, Natural and Organic Ingredients.

Labelling that better describes this product would be HERBAL INGREDIENTS MIXED WITH PETROCHEMICAL INGREDIENTS. But the marketing executives would never allow this for obvious reasons.

Words used on Herbal Essences Containers that Divert Attention from the Petrochemical Ingredients

As we live our lives, many of us are conscious of how we live it. Not too much alcohol, if any, not too much fat, some fitness, little or no smoking and so on.

We go to our local supermarket to stock up on body care such as soaps, shampoos, creams and the like. Many of us shop based on emotions. For example, we see a container with flowers and words like Herbal, Natural and we pick up the product.

We read the back and there are more words like the "finest ingredients", "especially selected for you" and we think to ourselves that it all sounds fine.

We read the ingredients and there are words like Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Aqua, Parfum, Parabens, etc. These words are either mystical or very technical and many of us have no idea what they mean. But we place faith in our Government regulations and read on.

But, looking at the flowers again we convince ourselves that it is the right product and we place it in our basket.

Remember Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man living the free life with a cigarette in their mouth's? Amongst many other cigarette consumers they are both dead now, thanks, in part, to emotional marketing.

These days, cigarette packets no longer have Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man. They have very aggressive warning labels making it very clear to you that you are taking serious personal risks by smoking.

What is the catch?

The catch is choice and you have that choice. But the cosmetic and food giants, unlike the cigarette giants, are not reminding you that you have a choice.

They would rather try to convince you how great their product is and how good it will be for you or make you feel.

The tobacco industry have and still are paying billions of Dollars in fines and lawsuits because of harmful ingredients in their products.

Government organisations that are supposed to be looking after our health were unable to prevent tobacco from killing people even though this is what they are supposed to be doing ... looking after our health. It took diseased and dead people to prove to the courts that tobacco is harmful to our health.

FDA - Promoting and Protecting YOUR Health

Having millions of Dollars in your pocket when you are dead or knocking on deaths door does nothing to get your life back.

Moyoway has no intention of stopping products like Herbal Essences and other cosmetica from being sold but it does seem fair that the labelling should better describe the product so that you can make informed decisions.

Honest Labelling That Reflects a True Picture of All the Ingredients - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica

By using the picture on the right as an illustration - would it not be so much easier to make a choice when the labelling reflects an accurate and more honest perspective of the product?

Unfortunately we are still a long way from this and while we wait for this day to come, we need to educate ourselves in cosmetics and foods so that we can avoid injury to ourselves, family, friends and the rest of the world.

Moyoway is dedicated to that cause

It is increasingly important to have some knowledge of the consumer product ingredients and the influence they have on our lives, whether we use them or not.

Moyoway is about giving you the knowledge to use makeup, other cosmetica and foods safely and simply.

Do makeup reviews have YOUR personal interest at heart?

Known Cancer Causing Ingredients in Baby Shampoo - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica

For the most part ... probably yes. Makeup reviewers will tell you how great the cosmetic feels on their skin, how well they perform over a period of time and how good they are compared to others.

Most cosmetic reviewers use the products themselves with some receiving free products in return for their reviews or commissions for leads (or not) and so on. Whether it's a food review or a film review or a cosmetica review, it's a service that many people subscribe to today.

Unfortunately, what many reviewers do not do is tell the whole story. The food reviewer will tell you that the foie gras tastes fantastic but will fail to mention that to make foie gras, one typically has to force feed ducks or geese.

The cosmetic reviewer will tell you how great Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is and that Johnson & Johnson is the most trusted brand in USA but will probably not mention that, in the USA, this product contains a chemical that releases formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Moyoway is not a makeup and cosmetica review website.

But we are interested in information that:

Cosmetic Marketing to Children
  • tells us the effects when sending messages to children that they need to have lighter skin or straight hair instead of curls,
  • tells us which companies really do have organic, natural and herbal ingredients in their products,
  • tells us the stories of those that needed medical attention because of cosmetic injuries,
Cosmetic Marketing to Children
  • tells us that people can be beautiful without any makeup at all,
  • tells us which companies that really are trying to fight cancer,
  • tells us which products we need to avoid,
  • tells us the name of products that puts our health and the environment ahead of its profits.

Does Moyoway test makeup or any other cosmetica?

Injecting cosmetic ingredients into the bodies of animals is certainly not our thing. We don't test makeup, look to see what is new or have any personal opinion on which type of makeup to use. We will tell you how to do a patch test if you are unsure about something.

While we think that the cosmetic and food industries are transforming, it seems that there is still some way to go. Maybe we are just being made to believe that there is transformation.

Botox, which is regularly used today as a facial wrinkle remover is being tested on animals in Europe. The last time Moyoway checked, testing makeup and other cosmetica on animals, in Europe, was prohibited.

Why do Governments allow cosmetic and food companies to add questionable and toxic ingredients to their products?

Your probably guessed it ... money.

Where does one start?

Our lives are already so busy. It seems like an uphill task to now have to also be aware of the dangers of food, environment, makeup and other cosmetica.

This is where Moyoway talking about topics, such as toxins in food, makeup and other tainted cosmetica, makes it easy for you.

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Accumulation of Cosmetic Toxins over a Period of Time - Mineral Makeup Cosmetica

We at Moyoway believe that because we have only one skin and body for our entire life, it is best that we look after ours and so should you.

We don't want to land up looking like this ... lead, triclosan, flame retardants, mercury are all ingredients of our daily cosmetica routine.

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