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Using our natural resources that are both renewable and sustainable, we start preparing the land for planting. To ensure that we have no wasted space, we use a tape measure to space the tree's 1.5 meters apart.

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This will be a dense configuration allowing us to maximise land usage and limit exposure of the ground to direct sunlight - this way we minimise precious water evaporation.

Natural Resources Moringa Spacing

We use lime to mark the location of the tree.

The drip feed will be positioned in the same place.

Conscious of the fact that water is a precious natural resource, we need to save as much of it as we can. Over the next few months, we will be installing several kilometres of irrigation pipe along the rows of Moringa trees.

This enables us to position a drip feed exactly at the base of the tree ensuring that water wastage is minimised.

Natural Resources Moringa Irrigation

These cuttings were planted early Oct 12 and are being watered by hand. This photo was taken a few minutes after watering and the amount of damp soil is evident.

Once the drip feeds are installed, they will be buried slightly below the surface and only a few centimetres of dampness will be seen around the base.

Efficient use of our natural resources

Of all our natural resources, water is the only one that we will be unable to sustain ourselves. Irrigation will rely on ground water.

With care and attention, the cuttings are responding well and we expect them to grow to about 2.5 meters within the next 12 months.

Natural Resources Water Management

Signs of life from a cutting that was planted early Oct 12

The process of organic certification with Soil Association will teach us how to manage the land and crop in a sustainable way. We will make our own natural composts, manage water as best as possible and use natural methods to control weeds, insects and diseases.

The average nutritional analyses for dry leaf moringa, fresh raw leaf moringa and fresh moringa pods, is as follows:

Nutritional Analysis for Wet and Dry Leaf Moringa

The nutritional numbers speak for themselves - The Miracle Tree

Oil extraction for cosmetics

Natural Resources High Nutrition

Mature seeds yield 38 to 40% of oil (sometimes also called ben oil, from its high concentration of behenic acid).

Refined oil is clear and odourless, and is resistant to rancidity.

Moringa seed oil can also be used as a biofuel.

Non sustainable natural resources, such as petrochemicals, will increase in price as the resource dwindles. Critics will argue that products made from petrochemicals are substantially cheaper. For today, this is mostly true.

Natural Resources Moringa Seeds

Mature Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Unfortunately, when arguing their point, most critics do not consider our world for the next generation. Arguments are based on today's commodity prices and it is these prices (and demand) that fuels investment and research.

While today's fossil fuels are burning cleaner, these fuels will not last forever. And herein lies the problem for our children to inherit - for us to have cheaper prices now, our children will have a more polluted and expensive environment in the future.

In our own little way, our Moyo Moringa Farm will be our contribution to the next generation that will guarantee a less polluted environment and pricing that is based on sustainable natural resources - Keeping it Real.

Why Moringa Oleifera

Somewhere along the line of this project, money needs to be made to pay for farm inputs and the cost of living. Children need to be schooled and educated, parents need to be looked after and meals need to be prepared for family and friends.

Natural Resources Moringa Seed Oil

Over and above the fact that Moringa Oleifera can be used as a biofuel, our interest in Moringa is based on its properties that can be used in the cosmetic industry.

  • Its unique property of being light and easily spreadable on the skin makes it highly desirable in the cosmetic industry.
  • It has exceptional anti ageing properties.
  • It has antioxidants and nutrients that help restrict free radical activity on the skin.
  • It will lift dirt out of the hair and is an efficient natural cleanser (like olive oil). By wetting your hair, massaging the oil into the scalp and rinsing, you can effectively clean and moisturise the scalp
  • Its antioxidant properties also keeps it very stable and with a shelf life of up to 5 years.
  • Its nourishing and emollient properties make it an excellent massage oil that leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.
  • It is rich in Palmitoleic, Oleic and Linoleic acids, Vitamins A and C and unsaturated fatty acid making it an excellent moisturiser and skin nourisher.
  • For minor skin complaints such as cuts, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes and scrapes, Moringa Oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to heal quickly.
  • The seed oil also produces a rich and creamy lather. This property, unlike any other plant-based oil, actually increases the cleansing ability.

We also chose Moringa Oleifera because :

  • it is a renewable natural resource
  • the seed oil has many uses
  • the leaves are an excellent source of nutrition
  • it is kind to our world
  • and, above all, we can live from it and not kill the world at the same time

Alternatively, we could have bought shares in a petrochemical company like Shell, BP or others and give them the money to drill deeper holes, crack the landscape, burn gasses and occasionally pollute our oceans and land too.

We think we made the right choice. It is all about using our natural resources as best as possible and doing it our own way because we think we can do a better job than the likes of BP, L'Oréal, Monsanto, etc.

Natural Resources and Nature

Curious visitors in the Moringa orchid

This article gives you a truthful interpretation of exactly what a natural beauty product is.

Get the full "How To Grow and Manage" Moringa

We have scanned through many websites on the internet to find the most useful information concerning growing and managing Moringa Oleifera.

We have put a page together called Moringa Natural Products and it provides all the documentation that you will need, starting from choosing the best seed all the way to yields of seed and leaf.


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