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We all want natural health but we are all guilty of not doing anything about it.

Governments are bad, big industry is bad, pollution is bad ... but what do many of us do about it?

Nothing. We want the problem to go away by itself.

We distract ourselves with things that do not inspire us and slowly but surely, we sink to new lows until we lose faith and believe that we can do nothing to make a change.

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How does it begin

It starts with how we work, how we play and the decisions that we make. By accepting the fact that toxins are making us sick, killing our environment and that we are responsible for it, is the first step.

  • recognise your strengths
  • make sure you have a good idea where your money goes
  • recognise the fact that there is no "away". We cannot throw things away because there is no "away". Throwing trash into the bin does not mean it goes away - it goes somewhere. You need to know where that somewhere is because it may affect your life in the years to come

Here is a really entertaining video of an example of a first step ... what to do and what not to do.

We certainly don't need to be as dramatic as the video but we can still make a difference in our own little way and this is how we are doing it.

We have started the process by building this website, to create awareness, to educate and simply give you more choice by providing the information that will make you think before you buy.

How can you contribute


By commenting on this site and using your social media, you are making a statement to your friends and family that you support this way of thinking.

Without this, your thoughts are invisible and so are you.

A click and a comment is all it takes to get the ball rolling ... you have a choice.

The second part of the process is by changing the way we work. Natural health starts off by :

  • looking after our land, water and air
  • looking after our crops and animals
  • using machinery, tools and technology that complements the infinite wisdom of Mother Nature
  • adding value to our staff by education so that they can implement and forward this information to their families

The nett value of these actions is Natural Health.

It cannot be purchased ... it can only be actioned and lived.

What are we doing about it

We bought a farm in Malawi, Central Africa.

We have about 2 hectares of land and we have a home / office on the property to manage the project.

We are going to grow something called the Miracle Tree.

We are going to do it organically under the rules of Soil Association.

We are going to press the seed and extract an oil which we will then purify and sell to the cosmetic market as a natural, organic moisturising oil.

The pressed seed cake is used as a coagulant to clear dirty water.

The leaves are among the most protein-dense leaves of any plant species.

They contain

  • high levels of vitamin A comparable to carrots
  • high levels of calcium comparable to milk
  • high levels of vitamin C comparable to oranges
  • high levels of other vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

The tree is called Moringa Oleifera ... and you can be a part of building natural health for yourself, your world and everyone in it.

Natural Health Moringa Blossoms

Moringa Flowers in Full Bloom

Natural Health Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaves

Real natural health means starting from the bottom

Like everyone else, we are starting from the bottom. The farm has about 380 exisiting Moringa trees that have not been cared for since they were planted about 10 years ago.

Our aim is to plant about 8 000 trees in the next 6 months.

Our organic accreditation will take about 2 years and if all goes well, we should have our first certified organic produce end of 2017.

Update - April 2016

Amazing to look back at all the work being done over the last 2 to 3 years.

We decided not to work with Soil Association as they had no representation in or near Malawi (we have to fly the inspectors in). We eventually decided to work with Ecocert, who have an office in Cape Town, South Africa (Ecocert's website link is here, for your interest).

We had the farm certified organic end of 2015, and our first certified organic moringa is already on the EU shop shelves as of early 2016.

Our moringa is certified for both NOP (North America) and EOS (Europe). Importing into Europe has been relatively straight forward but importing into USA has been too bureaucratic due to FDA restrictions related to Patriot Act laws. There is no rush to develop the USA market (for now) as all our crop is purchased by the EU market.

Our natural health project has come a long way and we look forward to the rest of the journey.

Seems like a long way to go but we don't expect natural health to be an overnight process.

Already, there are small rewards.

Natural Health Morning Visitors

Early Morning Visitors

Moringa Farm Sunrise

Sunrise Colours in the Moringa Orchid

Be a part of this new project ... any way you want to.

  • say "Hi"
  • enjoy our story
  • enjoy our photos
  • encourage us
  • advise us
  • visit us
  • scream and shout about real natural health

Whatever it is, wherever you are ... you can be part of the change.

See what we are doing to protect our natural resources.

Or read an article that gives you a truthful interpretation of exactly what a natural beauty product is.

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