Natural Advantage Mask Application

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The basics of natural advantage mask application are easy ... and fun, especially if you are applying the mask to a close friend.

Oops, a little mistake here and there and a photo to go with it.

Back to the serious stuff. Follow the pictures below and the comments that go with them.

Have fun.

Use a Small Spatula
Spread Evenly
Avoid the Eyes
Apply up to the Hairline
Check for Evenness
Touch-up Where Needed
Avoid the Nostrils
Avoid the Lips
Wait for 10 to 30 Minutes
Mask Starts to Dry
Dry's Along the Thinly applied Areas First
A Few Minutes to Go
Waiting for Cheeks, Forehead and Chin
Cracks in the Mask Also Indicated Ready for Removal
Mask will Pull and Skin will Tingle

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