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It does, and the reason it does is because we think like a consumer.

You believe that :

  • P&G is a trusted, high quality and leader of the game business
  • your consumer watchdogs are on top of their game, look after your interests and sort out problems
  • your Government protects you with laws, courts, jails, police, army, Government Departments and so on

Unfortunately, this perfect picture is a little exaggerated.

Many Cosmetic Manufacturers are a Disgrace

Using this example of contaminated dog food that was recalled, we know that :

  • recalls are voluntary
  • there was no law requiring this recall
  • there were no arrests, no police, no courts, no jail
  • Aflatoxins are among the most carcinogenic substances known
  • no legal corrective measures were taken with the cosmetic manufacturer to ensure that this does not happen again

Knowing that a carcinogen causes cancer and that Aflatoxin occurs naturally on grains, how does this toxin reach “unacceptable levels”?

An unacceptable level is more than 20 parts per billion (when humans and pets are involved)

Unacceptable levels of Aflatoxin happen in grains when :

  • the grain is naturally decomposing
  • the grain is exposed to prolonged high moisture and temperature
  • the grain is stressed from conditions such as drought

It is thought that exposure to pets of 100 to 300 parts per billion for several weeks will result in Aflatoxin poisoning, known as Aflatoxicosis.

Human adults have a high tolerance toward Aflatoxin poisoning but children do not. Children exposed to Aflatoxins will suffer from stunted growth and delayed development. Chronic exposure leads to a high risk of liver cancer.

Animals that are fed on Aflatoxin contaminated grains will produce contaminated eggs, milk and meat.

After a bit more investigation, we now know that?

  • Aflatoxins can be in humans, animals and in many of our foods
  • it causes cancer in chronic situations
  • children are more susceptible than adults and, in addition, can suffer from other side effects
  • sometimes it is in dog food and sometimes it is not and when it is, it is recalled
  • we don't know how the detection process works, for example, who goes to the store, buys a product and tests for Aflatoxin?
  • we don't know how often we are exposed to Aflatoxins
  • mild exposure to Aflatoxins does not create instant symptoms or side effects
  • stunted growth, delayed development and liver cancer do not happen overnight
  • this example is an instance of when the product was recalled and the message here is that the cosmetic manufacturers are in control of their defective products - but are they?

For this example, we cannot say that P&G intentionally deals in dog food that contains carcinogenic and mutagenic ingredients but it does highlight the issue that the package labelling probably does not include the following information :

  • in December 2011, this product was recalled due to potentially dangerous levels of Aflatoxin
  • we don't know how this happened and it may happen again
  • children are more susceptible to Aflatoxicity than adults and continued exposure can result in stunted growth and developmental delays
  • Aflatoxins are powerful carcinogens
  • if you wish to minimise possible exposure to Aflatoxins, please buy dog food that does not contain grains

Is this not useful information for the consumer or is it better for P&G to keep blinkers on their customers?

The more sanitised we are, the more we will react when things really do go wrong.

Instead of keeping their customers educated and prepared, they feel it is better to keep their customers sanitised and in the dark ... after all, P&G employ the experts.

What do the legal experts think of this?

The legal experts call this situation “a defective product” and make specific reference to the “severity of the hazards they entail” These “dangerous consumer products” should not be on the shelves in the first place.

Quote :

“As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen recalls of this kind in the past and know the severity of the hazards they entail. I hope this information can help raise awareness about this recalled product.

If you or a loved one has been injured through the use of a defective product, speak with a product liability lawyer to learn about the legal options available to you.

Please, continue to visit our blog for regular updates about unsafe and dangerous consumer products.”

Considering that this particular legal firm has won billions of US Dollars of claims relating to injury from defective products, these highlighted words describe a credible situation.

I am sure that this is not what you expected to read. There was no intention to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. There was every intention to make you feel uneasy and make you realise that you need to be a little more aware.

P&G are cosmetic manufacturers, dog food manufacturers, fabric care manufacturers, baby care manufacturers, family care manufacturers and home care manufacturers. There is probably not much that you can do to avoid their products.

With all the different brand names, it is easy to not be aware that you are using their products – even if you wanted to avoid them.

Cosmetic manufacturers deflect injury facts and figures

According to the FDA :

  • three percent of all cosmetic products have reports sent to them regarding injuries to consumer
  • 40% of all cosmetic manufacturers are registered with the FDA
  • 35,000 to 40,000 cosmetic related injuries are reported every year
  • about 1,000 dangerous chemicals have been found in cosmetic products sold in the United States
  • in 2012, 380 popular brand lipsticks were found to contain hazardous levels of lead

This is where awareness will help you

With our busy lives, manipulative advertising, “not all the facts” labelling, toothless civil watchdogs and Government Institutions with very limited legal capacity, you are pretty much on your own.

Private legal companies are waiting for this pressure cooker to explode and exploit these cracks in the system. Large legal companies certainly have the resources to challenge massive companies like P&G but this comes at a very high cost to you.

To win cases like this, you need to prove injury and if you are a victim of injury from Aflatoxin, you will probably have liver cancer or have children with liver cancer or developmental problems or stunted growth … or all of them.

And several years later when you have millions of Dollars from your successful lawsuit, will this bring back what you lost or is the cash good enough?

This webpage goes from :

  • a warm fuzzy feeling from a webpage introduction
  • to a broken system that you are part of (and sub-consciously support)
  • to potential personal loss by injury that can easily be you
  • and a false sense of security when hope is offered at a very high price for the victims

Unfortunately, Aflatoxin does not stop at dog food. Other contaminated examples are peanut butter, edible oils and cosmetics. In some instances of random selected samples, detectable contamination was anywhere from 48 – 80%.

Of these contaminated food products, many of them exceeded FDA, or other regulatory agency, safe limits.

Whichever cosmetic manufacturers you deal with, there are always two sides, the side they want you to see and the side that affects you, good or bad.

  • You have one life, one body and one skin
  • Be smart and trust yourself, not somebody else
  • Educate yourself, trust your own judgement and keep it real

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