Some tips when washing hair with bicarb

by Marcel

Just thoroughly dilute the bicarb before applying to your hair (in a bottle of warm water, or similar). Use your open hands to gently rinse the hair in the solution - no hard rubbing.

The salt granules are abrasive when undiluted and will grind against the hair and possibly damage or thin them.

If you wish to exfoliate the scalp, then don't dilute the bicarb but only use the ends of your fingers to very gently massage the bicarb salts on the skin. The scalp has a great gentle tingle after rinsing off.

Within the first 24 hours, the hair may be a little dry but naturally balances with its own oil soon thereafter.

I know some people that use a small amount of cosmetic grade sunflower oil, just after rinsing off the bicarb, to speed up the process.

Don't expect a coated glossy silicon shine when using bicarb. Bicarb produces a natural mat finish using the natural colour of your hair ... and a very calm scalp.

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