questions ... where do i put them besides here

by Rob Mekel
(Mpamila, Ntchisi, Malawi)

where do you get seeds, seedlings, on what altitude do they grow, what temperature (min.-max, day-night), how much water, etc.
would be the first I would put on my website.

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Answer for Rob Mekel
by: Marcel - Moyofarm

Hello Rob
We (Moyofarm) sell moringa seeds and seedlings.
The farm will be open again from mid April.
In Malawi, lakeshore and Lower Shire climate is best.
We grow in Lilongwe and while the summers are fine, the winters can be a little too cool for vibrant growth.
Excessive cold and/or frost will kill the tree.
For an established tree, a few night hours of near freezing is okay.
There are no temperature upper limits once the tree is established.
The tree likes water but does not like "wet feet".
After the first year, the tree can generally look after its own water needs.
It needs well drained soils (sandy/loamy is best). Soils with too much clay can hold too much water and the root can rot when too wet.
If you plan to plant in Ntchisi, early spring may be the best time to try. Water manually till the rains. Keep an eye on it after the rains and water manually if needed.

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