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Move yourself out of the ignorance race by informing yourself of how cosmetic ingredients work and what they do. Consider the paragraphs below as your essential makeup tool to get exactly what you need.

Stop being ignorant and free yourself from toxic cosmetics

What are the Guidelines for Natural Skincare Products

Know what Natural means and how it may be manipulated

  • Wording in Natural Skincare Cosmetics can be twisted
  • Natural should mean good for us and the world
  • Natural does not mean “Natural Looking”
  • Natural does not include toxins of any sort
  • There is no standardisation of the word Natural in cosmetics
  • Know your makeup ingredients

Look Out for Organic Skincare Products that Do Not Tell the Truth

  • Beware of misleading marketing
  • Organic, in the cosmetic business, means a hydrocarbon
  • A hydrocarbon is made of hydrogen and carbon
  • Petroleum is a hydrocarbon which means it is organic

Look for the Organic Label that is Good for Us

Natural skincare products that contain good organic ingredients:

  • The crops are rotated
  • Strict limits on synthetic pesticides
  • Strict limits on synthetic fertilisers
  • Strict limits on livestock antibiotics
  • Strict limits on growth additives
  • Genetically modified products are prohibited
  • Maximise use of on farm resources, such as livestock manure
  • Using plant species that are adapted to local conditions

Look out for the Common Petrochemicals in “Natural” Skincare Products

  • Various parabens
  • Hydroquinone
  • Mineral Oil
  • There are many – the above are only 3 examples
  • Click here for some more reading

Natural Skincare Cosmetics are Surprisingly Easy to Make

  • Experiment
  • It is cheaper than you think
  • The performance is as good as the makeup companies

Keep Busy, Get Healthy

  • Keep your mind busy with positive inputs
  • Keep your body busy with good exercise
  • Keep your body well hydrated with lots of water
  • Keep your body well fed with good foods
  • Use natural exfoliators to stimulate new cell growth
  • Consider anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C

Keep it Real, Keep it Kind

  • There are no “wonder cosmetics”
  • We all get old
  • There are no ingredients in the world that make us young
  • There are plenty of ingredients that make us “look” young
  • Be kind to your skin – it is the only one you have
  • Nobody likes a fake

Natural Skincare Products are Not Always about the Ingredients

As our awareness of toxins in cosmetics increases and the lack of regard of many companies in the cosmetics business, we start looking for these all natural products. Below, we will discuss several of these aspects for you to consider.

One of the aspects of these products is natural anti ageing.

The most effective natural anti ageing ingredient you will ever find, is your own happiness. There is no happiness at beauty counters. Your anti ageing ingredient is skin deep, beyond the surface of your skin.

Free yourself from bad quality cosmetics

It is in your smile, in your heart and in your soul. Here is an example of why this is true.

“When I was your age … I wish I'd known that I already had everything I needed within myself to be happy, instead of looking for happiness at beauty counters.”

Ilene Beckerman

Another aspect of all natural skincare products is natural antioxidants. These are easier to administrate into the body. Common natural antioxidants are Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These can be found in your normal daily diet.

Foods that contain these vitamins and other natural anti oxidants are :

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • tea
  • coffee
  • olive oil
  • and amongst a few other foods, also eggs

Following a healthy diet of antioxidant rich foods, healthy fats such as Omega-3 oils, complex carbohydrates and enough water, you will automatically follow a natural detox program.

Natural detox does not have to be a week away in a health spa. Although spa's are wonderful, they are often expensive, over-rated and too much focus on buying their own range of Natural Skincare Products.

Natural detox is a way of life that contains healthy foods, natural antioxidants, healthy physical activity and a skin deep approach toward natural anti ageing.

Feed your mind

Feed your mind with positive activity that may include natural health magazines. There are often useful articles and common practices for natural living and holistic approaches to every day life, chores and activities.

Natural health magazines will tell you about alternative healing and exercise, such as yoga and meditation. They will provide natural makeup tips and recipes for the DIY enthusiasts. Turn off the news and give it a try.

The news will make you old, wars never solve anything and your money will be worth less in the future – there is nothing you can do about this. Occupy yourself with things that are more constructive to your life.

Follow natural hygiene using natural soaps and natural shampoos. This site will eventually expand into natural soap and natural shampoo recipes. Simple recipes with the messy work already done.

All you will need to do is tweak and mix.

We will have recipes for natural perfumes. These will not be synthetic parfums or fragrances that may contain phthalates. These will be essential oils combined with kind ingredients for your skin.

With time and as the site grows, we will add deeper topics about :

  • natural anti ageing
  • natural antioxidants
  • natural detox
  • natural health magazines
  • natural hygiene
  • natural organic skin care
  • natural perfume
  • natural shampoo

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