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Natural Mineral Effects Keeps Your Skin Easy to Maintain, Healthy and Naturally Looking ... even with all the colours of the rainbow.

Natural Mineral Effects for Everyone

Today, basic mineral makeup is primarily a naturally occurring product.

Natural Mineral Effects Put You and Your Health at the Top

As a side issue, dermatologists will recommend mineral products to men and women who have sensitive skins or have other dermatological problems and need to be more careful about what they put onto their skin so that it does not inflame or irritate their skin any further.

Loosely speaking, mineral makeup are ground up earth minerals. Mineral makeup provides a very sheer and almost opaque coverage of the skin.

This is primarily dependent upon how the makeup is formulated (whether other ingredients are added that change these characteristics) and the application method of the makeup.

One of the normal characteristics of mineral makeup is that it allows the radiance of a persons skin to shine through - note the word "normal". How many brands do you see advertising the fact that their product lets your radiance shine through ... as if it is a special feature?

There are no artificial covers in natural mineral makeup that blocks or alters the natural radiance that our skins produce.

At the end of a long day, the Natural Mineral Effects will leave your skin fresh and natural looking.

This is contrary to what we are made to believe. Natural looking is not a layer of silicone makeup coating our skin. Don't be fooled by glamorous photos in the media - you can be sure they have been edited.

Bright Colours from Natural Mineral Makeup

Bare mineral makeup recipes (in powder form) are not made with fragrances or preservatives.

For this reason, mineral makeup does not expire because there are no oils or water in it for bacteria to grow.

Oily skin responds particularly well to the Natural Mineral Effects by absorbing excess oil from your skin.

Application is simple by typically buffing or dusting with a brush.

Dusting is best as it lightly coats the surface of the skin causing less potential irritation. (Buffing can force mineral makeup into the pores and cause a some build-up)

Natural Mineral Effects are made up with the following key ingredients

(Learning these will give you the ability to make informed choices about what kind of makeup is best for you. By understanding these key points, you will know the Best Mineral Makeup for your skin)

Titanium Dioxide

  • Is very reflective (only a diamond has more reflective qualities than Titanium Dioxide). The primary quality of this mineral is that it minimizes fine lines and some skin discolourations. Also known as CI 77891.

Zinc Oxide

  • Provides a broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, making it a natural sunscreen. Also known as CI 77974.
Iron Oxides Provide Colours to Natural Mineral Makeup

Serocite Mica

  • Makes Titanium Dioxide less opaque. It is colourless and absorbs oil very well.

Iron Oxides and Ultramarines

  • Used for colouring the makeup. Iron oxides are very opaque and provides earthy natural mineral effects. Also known as CI 77491 (Red), CI 77492/3 (Yellow), CI 77499 (Black) and CI 77007 (Blue).

Commonly Used "Good" Optional Extra Ingredients for Mineral Makeup

Cornstarch or Rice Powder

  • Can make acne worse. The reason it can make acne worse is because it serves as a food source for bacteria.
  • A useful characteristic of cosmetic grade cornstarch is that is will draw oil from your pores.

Kaolin Clay

  • Naturally absorbs oil.


  • Glitter from nature. It provides the sparkle and shimmer in mineral makeup.

Commonly Used "Bad" Optional Extra Ingredients for Mineral Makeup


  • Typically used as filler and it can cause problems with your respiratory system.

FD&C Dyes and Bismuth Oxychloride

  • Cause skin irritations, sometimes rashes and breakouts.

How to Buy Natural Mineral Makeup

So often we see mineral makeup advertised in infomercials and on the internet. Infomercials may not be best place to purchase the best mineral makeup.

Look around in your area. Research the internet. There will be several companies that provide a very high quality product with very high quality ingredients at very affordable prices.

Some companies do offer samples (from their counter or from on-line purchases) and you can try to see which mineral makeup works best for you.

  • Very often, it will be the less known companies that will offer you better value.

Forget any makeup supplier that :

  • does not supply a complete list of ingredients, per product
  • do not offer small samples for you to buy
Natural Mineral Effects are a Safe Way to Colour Your Life

The Best Natural Mineral Effects are only achievable with the best quality makeup/cosmetic grade ingredients and your knowledge of these ingredients.

Check the ingredients. Buy cheap samples in small quantities. Try them out and don't be afraid to experiment.

Your Best Mineral Makeup is easier and simpler to find than you realise.

Now that you know what should be in your makeup, you be the judge, use your common sense, go out and try it ... you have nothing to lose.

What do the ingredients in Mineral Makeup do?

Each ingredient has a specific function. There are pigments for colours, fillers used for the bulk of the product, fatty acids for moisturising characteristics, ingredients that have a glossy effect or a matte effect and so on.

A comfortable blend of ingredients will depend on your skin colour, skin condition, age and blemishes. 

Each ingredient will either highlight or hide (conceal) the characteristic of your skin that you either want to show off or protect.

Click the picture below to learn about some of the ingredients in cosmetics.

Look out for the ingredients used mostly in Mineral Makeup are Mica's, Zinc Oxides, Titanium Dioxides, Iron Oxides (colour pigments), Boron Nitrides, Ultramarines and Silica's.

Which are the best mineral makeup ingredients to use?

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