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We are always on the look out for natural advantage recipes using environmentally kind and toxic free ingredients.

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Have fun and "make safe" with these natural advantage DIY recipes.

Recipe 1 – Mild and Gentle Lip Balm with Olive Oil

This is the first recipe in our range of natural advantage lip balm recipes by Kristina Koehler from TidyTipsy. Included are some really great photos too.  With her kind permission, here it is :

Ingredients :

  • 20% beeswax
  • 25% coconut oil
  • 15% cocoa butter
  • 40% olive oil

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Natural Advantage Recipes Lip Balm Ingredients


This recipe has no colouring and no scent, other than a hint of beeswax.

Make about 25 grams altogether (unless you don't mind making a few extra for friends and family)

Heat up a pot of water (about a quarter full)

Insert a heat resistant glass cup (or beaker) into the water with the cocoa butter and beeswax.

Natural Advantage Recipes Melting Lip Balm Ingredients

Once melted, add the coconut oil and the olive oil.

(If the beeswax starts to solidify, add the container back to the hot water)

Stir until all the ingredients are well blended.

Natural Advantage Recipes Lip Balm Ingredients Ready for Pouring

Once it is all nicely mixed, carefully decant the liquid into the empty lip balm tubes.

Natural Advantage Recipes Empty Lip Balm Tubes

The easiest way is to pour the liquid directly from the beaker into the tube. The liquid starts to solidify quickly when exposed to cool surfaces.

Using a funnel or another device to help get the liquid into the tube usually does not work too well because of the rapid cooling that plugs up everything.

Natural Advantage Recipes Filled Lip Balm Tubes

Your final lip balm product using natural advantage recipes ... thank you Kristina.

Natural Advantage Recipes Lip Balm Ready to Use

Taking Care of Your New Product

The natural advantage lip balm recipes that you follow always use fresh ingredients and to keep them fresh, there are no synthetic preservatives in any of the recipes. Some recipes contain water and others don't.

For the ones that do contain water, please note that once water is added, the product becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Typically, a product will last for around 4 weeks - less in warm temperatures and longer in cool temperatures.

To maximise storage of your products, keep them in the fridge.

These are the basic signs to look out for when the product is starting to spoil :

  • changes colour
  • develops fungal growth
  • smells differently from when you made it
  • changes texture (for example, smooth to lumpy)

Treat your natural products like food. Doing so will go a long way to keeping you safe from bacteria and maximising shelf life without having to use preservatives.

Cosmetic ingredient buying tips

These natural advantage lip balm recipes are simple to make and easy to use. Most ingredients are available from local health shops. Occasionally, you may have to buy some ingredients on the internet.

If the ingredients are not available in your country, always check your local laws to make sure that you can import cosmetics into your country - some countries restrict the import of cosmetic ingredients.

These natural advantage lip balm recipes are probably just the tip of the iceberg. There are probably many more favourites out there.

If you have one that you love and would like to share, we would all be very grateful and so would our community.

You can send one (or some) to us by using the form below.

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