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The Good Makeup Ingredients list is by no means an absolute guarantee. Like everything in life, we should always see things in perspective and remember that all living things in our world are unique.

This list does not provide de facto results and information that impacts the life of every living thing in an equal and expectant manner.

In view of this, use this information with common sense and trust your instincts after informing yourself as much as possible.

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Allantoin, also known as Alcloxa, Aldioxa, Udder cream or Vitamin U, is a non-hazardous dermatological agent. Many good makeup ingredients, such as Allantoin, are chemically synthesised.

It is nature-identical, safe, non-toxic, compatible with cosmetic raw materials. It is used for treatment of skin sores, rosacea, lesions, scalds, burns and sunburns, blemishes, spots, acne and skin eruptions, fissures and abrasions, impetigo, eczema and psoriasis.


Is an impure clay formed from weathered volcanic ash and is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate consisting mostly of montmorillonite (see Fullers Earth) There are different types of bentonite, each named after the respective dominant element:

  • Potassium (K)
  • Sodium (Na)
  • Calcium (Ca) Fullers Earth (Finely ground Calcium Bentonite)
  • Aluminium (Al)

Montmorillonite is the main constituent of volcanic ash weathering.

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride is a non-toxic, inorganic powder composed of boron and nitrogen. Boron Nitride is a natural, inert mineral and it is a useful additive to foundations and concealers because of its soft and elegant feel.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate, or precipitated chalk is extracted by mining or quarrying. Pure calcium carbonate (for makeup) is produced from a pure quarried source (usually marble) and provides a matt finish in makeup together with very excellent oil absorbing characteristics making it a good makeup ingredient.


Red pigment allowed in all cosmetics


Black pigment allowed in all cosmetics


Yellow pigment allowed in all cosmetics


White pigment allowed in all cosmetics

Corn Powder

Corn powder is a vegetable starch that contains vitamin B, vitamin K para-aminobenzoic acid, silicon, freed oils, resin, mucilage and lutein, which is high in anti-oxidants.

It is also a natural anti-inflammatory making it a good makeup ingredient to use. Because it is vegetable based, it will have a limited shelf life – take note of expiry dates.


Is a type of protein created by silkworms in the production of silk. Silk emitted by the silkworm consists of two main proteins, sericin and fibroin, fibroin being the structural centre of the silk, and sericin being the sticky material surrounding it.

Silk powder is synthetically produced from the fibroin protein.

Fullers Earth

Calcium montmorillonite (see Bentonite) is a naturally occurring phyllosilicate and is composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water. It is used as a mask and deep cleans skin, treats acne and has been used for centuries to remove impurities from the skin.

It is dermatologically well-tolerated. Mixed with a little water it can be made into a natural clay face mask/pack to remove oils, blackheads and impurities, unclog pores and replace lost moisture.

It stimulates circulation and produces a lightening effect on the outer layer of the skin. It is especially beneficial for blemished, dull and stressed skin.

This good makeup ingredient outperforms any material to help clean oily and acne-prone skin and comes highly recommended to those with acne problems, blemishes, spotting, and people prone to oily skin.

It can be used in Sulphur acne treatment regimes. Mix two tablespoons of Fuller's earth with one egg white and apply as a mask every day.

It can also be used to treat nappy rash, external wounds, leg ulcers, insect bites and as an intestinal detoxifier.


It is a clay that is a naturally occurring phyllosilicate. In makeup, it is very similar to sericite mica which is used extensively as a good makeup ingredient.

Iron Oxide

Iron oxides are widely used as inexpensive and durable pigments. Colours commonly available are in the "earthy" end of the yellow / orange / red / brown / black range.

Kaolin or White Clay

Kaolin Clay, also known as china clay, is a fine, soft, white mineral powder. It is included in the group of hydrous aluminium silicates. Healing stone kyanite is an aluminium silicate.

A useful property of kaolin clays is that it provides effective sun protection. Kaolin Clay absorbs fats from the skin, refines pores & helps clear up breakouts making it a good makeup ingredient.

Magnesium Myristate

Magnesium is an earth mineral that has strong absorbent properties and some disinfecting properties. Myristate is a fatty acid typically found in plants.

Fatty acids can help supplement the skin's inter-cellular matrix. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has given Magnesium Myristate a 100% safety rating and it is approved by the FDA as a good makeup ingredient.

Magnesium Stearate

Also called octadecanoic acid magnesium salt, magnesium Sterate, magnesium stearate (470) tablet binder, mag stearate. Widely regarded as harmless, it is often used as a filling agent in the manufacture of medical pills.

Magnesium Stearate is a white, odourless powder. Magnesium is an earth mineral that has strong absorbent properties and some disinfecting properties. Stearate can be vegetable or beef derived.

Mica with Methicon

Is plain mica, coated with Methicon. Methicon is a type of silicone used primarily in the formulation of free flowing cosmetic powders. This treated mica is water-resistant. Mica imparts a silky, velvety feel when present in the makeup.

Rice powder

Is an alternative to using talc and cornstarch in makeup formulas. Rice Powder is the refined starch from rice, known as Oryza Sativa. It is also used as a cover that soothes inflamed acne and skin ulcerations.

In addition to it being a good makeup ingredient, rice bran has a chemical structure similar to ceramide which is found in the human skin.

It’s emollient and exfoliation properties keep skin cells healthy, while its ceramide properties increases collagen production to make skin more supple and free of wrinkles. Its exfoliation properties help cure acne.


Is a type of protein created by silkworms in the production of silk. This silk consists of two main proteins, sericin and fibroin. Fibroin is the structural centre of the silk and sericin is the sticky material surrounding it.

Sericite Mica - Treated

Is a colourless powder that is generally available in 3 types : untreated sericite mica, treated sericite mica with silicones, and treated sericite mica with magnesium myristate.

Serecite is silky to the touch and reflects light, reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

Sericite Mica – Untreated

Is colourles and is the most translucent of all the sericites. It is used as a talc substitute making it a recommended and good makeup ingredient.

Sericite Mica – with L-Lysine

Lauroyl Lysine is derived from coconut and palm oils.

Sericite Mica – with Dimethicone

Treated sericite mica - sometimes called dimethicone mica or methicon mica – is treated with dimethicone to increase the water resistance and adhesion properties of makeup.

Its properties are good for medium to full coverage for oily or dark skin. Dimethicone is approved as a barrier ingredient, so it is going to offer some protection from the elements.

The sericite itself does not offer protection. Even though it does not offer any skin protection, it is still a good makeup ingredient to use.

Sericite Mica – with Magnesium Myristate

Magnesium myristate is a fatty acid combined with mica.

Sericite Mica – with Carnauba Wax

Carnauba treated sericite is water resistant and is also natural and vegan, making it a good makeup ingredient.


Is a very smooth, silky, translucent, fine white powder used in many cosmetics. Silicones are a widely used group of oils and compounds derived from the mineral silica.

There is no known toxicity when used externally. Cosmetic silica mineral has been successfully used in hypo-allergenic and allergy tested formulations. Silica is the seventh most prevalent element in the human tissue.

Tests have found that the mineral is essential in collagen production and calcium absorption.

Silk Powder

Is a 100% natural white silk protein powder that preserves the natural composition and physical structure of cocoon silk. It has no taste or smell. Silk powder is made from fibroin and sericin.

Silk has been used in traditional medicine in both China and Korea for centuries. Due to its unique amino acid sequence, its has skin tightening and anti-wrinkle effects. It is widely considered a good makeup ingredient throughout the natural makeup industry.

Silk both reflects and absorbs UV rays. Silk protein is digestible, and also, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, lowers blood glucose, lowers protein oxidation and is also known to more than double exercise performance.


Squalane is a stable form of squalene oil, both of which can be extracted from shark liver oil or vegetable sources such as olive oil. Squalane absorbs slowly through the skin, which makes it an effective moisturiser.

Its properties also do not irritate or sensitize the skin making it a safe and natural cosmetic ingredient. It is a natural component of human sebum and has emollient properties that softens and soothes the skin.

It adds a layer of oil on the skin that helps to slow water loss and keep skin soft and supple. It increases the water retention capacity of the skin helping to prevent dryness, improve skin tone and texture.

Squalane's hydrating and skin-softening effects on the skin help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Besides its anti-aging effects, it helps maintain healthy skin.

Squalane is a natural part of human skin and plays an important role in the repair of damaged skin making it an essential and good makeup ingredient.


First discovered in human sebum during the early part of the past century, squalene comprises approximately 12% of sebaceous secretions. Because of this, squalene was considered valuable in skin care.

Due to its unsaturated state, it had to be hydrogenated to form oxygen-stable squalane. Squalene and its hydrogenated counterpart, squalane, are both excellent lubricants and moisturisers, and are highly compatible with the skin.

However, of the two, squalene is highly comedogenic and, therefore, is not recommended for oily or acneic skin.

Titanium Dioxide

Is a naturally occurring mineral that comes from oxide of titanium. The oxides are mined and processed, then purified for use in consumer make-up. It is regulated and approved for makeup use by the FDA.

It is an important natural ingredient for sunscreen and protecting the user from ultraviolet radiation providing sunscreen properties to protect delicate facial skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Mineral makeup users use titanium dioxide as a “bare faced” mineral in their primary foundation base as it allows the skin to breathe, a direct effect for the controlling of acne, rosacea or blemishes.

Titanium Dioxide is a good makeup ingredient to use as a sunscreen due to its physical sun-block characteristics.

Zinc Oxide

Occurs naturally as the mineral zincite. Zinc based makeup offers a compatible formula for people suffering from skin conditions such as rosacea, irritated skin and redness.

Zinc oxide is FDA approved as a skin protectant and has excellent natural sunscreen characteristics. It provides sunscreen properties to protect delicate facial skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Mineral makeup brands that claim to have a SPF factor of 15 will often use zinc oxide as the active sunscreen ingredient. Zinc Oxide also acts as an anti-inflammatory and draws impurities from the skin without removing natural oils.

Zinc Stearate

Is a zinc soap that repels water and acts as a lubricant in makeup to improve texture. (It is also used as a "fanning powder", used by magicians performing card manipulation to decrease the friction between the cards)

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