Education in Cosmetic Ingredients Prevents Sickness

by Cindy

How to Buy Cosmetics

How to Buy Cosmetics

Educated Cosmetic Consumers Know Exactly what is Best for Them

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by: William Jack

Cosmetic ingredients should be taken when you have the awareness of it other wise it will affect your skin some people have more education of the cosmetic so they don't have problems to judge the product.

Maldonado story
by: Maldonado

Labels are frustrating. Wish they were clearer and more understandable.

Simple story
by: Houchin

Would be great if life was so simple. But both corporations and governments lie for profit. Best thing to do is to learn to be independent and avoid the traps. Leave your country and find another if you have to.
Think smart and be smart.

Good Idea
by: Anonymous

Always interesting and learning :-)

True information is shared
by: Funderburk

Yes, good info.

Useful Info
by: Joanna

Good info ... thanks

by: Hannah

Great website :-)

True information is shared
by: Verasc

I've cured myself from terminal diseases by boosting my immune system through things like toxin free food and alternative healing methods.
This site helps to shed the light on toxins that we accumulate in our daily lives without realising.
Take toxins seriously. Your life depends on it.

True information is shared
by: Daniel

Diseases caused by toxins in cosmetics are not evident right away. Sometimes years and sometimes decades. Examples are cancers and endocrine disruptor's (hormone changers).
Sometimes its only evident in your children, such as ADHD, allergies, food intolerances, etc.
Do yourself and your family a favour, take toxins in your cosmetics very seriously.
Life is too short to be sick all the time.

by: Anonymous

Who in world said government really cares for our wellbeing ... around here if one needs a permit to offer an item for sale, one simply needs to offer pay off to the priest.
The legislature is so exceptionally degenerate that the vast majority of the clergymen have ties with the mafia.

great comments
by: Edward

Agreed ... good website.

True information is shared
by: Sheri

Simple and true.

by: Bobby

Ha ha ... yes.
That's exactly how it works in today's world. People think the Government looks after the public. I guess they try.
Truth is, cosmetic and pharma companies run circles around Government regulators, who tend only to realise 10 to 20 years later ... normally after a few people of died.

by: Anonymous

Great post.

Useful Post
by: John E. O'Neill

At last I can have found something from this post.

great comments
by: Rita H. Rogers

this is very useful web site. thanks for sharing it.

Well done Cindy
by: Marcel

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