Moringa Ideas and Uses

by Ray

Moringa Seeds and Oil

Moringa Seeds and Oil

Moringa oil is a cosmetic carrier oil that is normally extracted through the cold pressed method from seed.
It is very nutritious for skin and is a good source of palmitoleic, Oleic, and Linoleic acid along with vitamin A and C.

It is a light oil and can be used in place of (or with) olive oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil - these are common carrier oils that blend well with other carrier and essential oils.

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In the search box type in "olive" or "sunflower" or "avocado".
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Look for the recipe pages.
Where you find a recipe that uses avocado or sunflower or olive oil, simply replace it (or blend it) with moringa oil.

Don't forget that moringa oil is an edible oil. It is not as cheap as sunflower cooking oil but you can use it as a dressing oil for salads, etc that adds a unique light and slightly nutty flavour.

Normally there are 2 types of oils :
- deodorized and decolourised for the cosmetic market (remember that it loses some of its nutrient benefits when filtered this way but when blending cosmetics, smell and colour normally need to be considered in the final product)
- natural flavour and colour for the culinary market (keeps all its nutrients, taste and smell)

Moringa dry leaf powder is the most common supplement. Consume 6 to 8 teaspoons per day for a daily nutritious boost. Consume as a tea, food sprinkle, added to porridge or any way you want - there is no special way to consume it. Just make sure it is 100% moringa leaf powder from a trustworthy source.

In Malawi, it can be found in Seven Eleven's, pharmacy's and general food trading shops. I assume that in the rest of Africa, it will be sold from similar stores.

If you can get fresh moringa leaves, cook it as a relish or sprinkle raw leaves on practically anything you like.

If you can get fresh and young pods, consider these 2 recipes from this site :
Moringa and Tomato Stew
Moringa and Coconut Milk

Good luck and thanks for a great site.

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