Fox News Highlights Cosmetic Ingredients Contaminating our Bodies

by Lucy

Average Number of Chemicals per Cosmetic (Excluding Ingredients in

Average Number of Chemicals per Cosmetic (Excluding Ingredients in

Fox News highlights the problems associated with cosmetic ingredients. They are unrestricted in terms of access from different cosmetics. You can put as much as you like on your body with no restrictions or warnings. Ever seen a note on your cosmetic label that says "Do not use more than one cosmetic because you may exceed the maximum permissible amount of ingredient X"?

Your skin is capable of absorbing up to 60% of what you put on it.
Some estimations are around 2kg of cosmetic ingredients (chemicals and the like) per year, for an average cosmetic user.
Some cosmetic ingredients are classified as cancer causing.
Some are classified as endocrine disruptor's (change your hormones, for example, early puberty)

Why has the EU banned over 1,100 cosmetic ingredients and the USA has only banned 11?

The ingredients in "Fragrance" can contain dozens more ingredients but we are not allowed to know what they are because "Fragrances" are trade secrets.

You got to be an idiot (or simply uninformed) if you are prepared to put dozens of unknown and cancer causing ingredients on your skin!

As this website says, "When you know better, you do better"
We all try our best but it seems that it is not enough if we are uninformed.

Whenever possible, use certified organic cosmetics - no synthetic chemicals, very clear labelling and most importantly, no trade secrets in legislative loopholes like "Fragrances"

The links to these videos on You Tube and Fox News are here :

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Thanks for a great website.
Lucy K

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