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Fake science allows nearly all GM food approvals for just two traits :

  • one that makes the crop resistant to glyphosate (Roundup) so the weedkiller can be used liberally
  • the other to insects through its production of the Bt toxin
Fake science

Big Biotech has over the last 20 years driven the agenda of how regulators assess GM food crops. The deception and abuse of science used along the way is one of the greatest yet-to-be-universally-accepted scientific scandals of our time.

Read the detailed submission by GMWatch’s Claire Robinson, to the Monsanto Tribunal in October 2016, to understand how scientific deceit is the backbone of GM Food approvals by the likes of Monsanto and its industry colleagues. This deceit includes support by government registration authorities like the US FDA and the EU’s EFSA.

Monsanto and co with their accomplices in government have consistently relied on studies that show no substantial differences (fake science), these studies being at odds with those by the few independent scientists that have raised sufficient funds to undertake comparative studies.

Our present system of capitalism allows fake
science to achieve commercial objectives
at the expense of the consumer and
our environment

Fake science, roundup and birth defects

Fake science is a cause of birth defects

In 2011 a group of scientists, published a report called “Roundup and birth defects”. A peer-reviewed version was published the following year in the Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology.

Based on an examination of the summaries of industry data and regulatory documents collected by the German Government in support of the 2002 European approval of the ‘active ingredient’ glyphosate, the authors found that:

  • Industry (including Monsanto) has known since the 1980s and 1990s that glyphosate causes malformations in experimental animals at the doses employed in its studies.
  • The German government has known since at least 1998 that glyphosate causes malformations.
  • The EU Commission has known since at least 2002 that glyphosate causes malformations. This was the year its DG SANCO division published its final review report, laying out the basis for the 2002 approval of glyphosate.
  • Based on an objective examination of the industry data summaries, the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for glyphosate should have been set at one-third of the current level of 0.3 mg/kg bw/d – in other words, it should have been set at 0.1 mg/kg bw/d.
  • Taking independent, non-industry animal studies into consideration, which were performed with the complete formulations as sold and used rather than just the isolated ‘active ingredient’ glyphosate, the ADI should have been set at least 12 times lower, at 0.025 mg/kg bw/d.
Monsanto Tribunal

The public is being kept in the dark by industry and regulators about the ability of glyphosate and Roundup to cause malformations.

In addition, the work of independent scientists who have drawn attention to the herbicide’s teratogenic effects has been ignored, denigrated, or dismissed. These actions on the part of industry and regulators have endangered public health.

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