California DTSC Study Finds High Level of Toxic Chemicals in Nail Care Products

by Sandra

Recently, the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) released a study that reveals an unattractive side of the beauty industry, showing that many nail care products contains toxic chemicals even though their labels claim otherwise.

DTSC scientists have discovered that despite claims to be free of one or more of the "toxic-trio" ingredients - toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) - some nail care products sold in Northern California contain high levels of toluene and DBP.

Chronic or extended exposure to these chemicals has been associated with birth defects, asthma and other chronic health conditions.

DTSC's findings are especially critical for California's estimated 121,000 licensed nail care technicians. Most are young Asian-American women, exposed daily in poorly ventilated salons to a variety of chemicals. California has an estimated 48,000 nail salons.

"Thousands of women and young girls buy these particular brands believing that they are safe," said DTSC Director Debbie Raphael.

"Our study shows there is a failure of some manufacturers to know what is in their products, and a failure to accurately state what is in them.”

”These chemicals are present, sometimes in high quantities. This is a distressing pattern that we wish to highlight and work to address."

Laboratory testing conducted on behalf of DTSC shows that consumers, nail care salons and cosmetology schools cannot rely on the "toxic-free" claims made by many nail care products.

DTSC sampled 25 nail care products from six Bay Area locations. Twelve products claimed to be free of at least one "toxic-trio" chemical.

However, 10 of the 12 products contained toluene, and four of the 12 contained DBP. Some of the "toxic-free" products actually contained higher levels of DBP or toluene than products which made no toxic-free claims.

"Women want to make informed choices, so it is disturbing to see that manufacturers are misrepresenting their products with false labeling claims.”

”Obviously, it's possible to make nail polish without these toxins, and that's what all companies should be doing," said Lisa Archer, national director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Makeup Safety Source – DTSC - California Department of Toxic Substances Control

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